X-Men in Video Games

You may have heard of this, but last year Activision and Marvel announced a newly in-development video game starring Marvel’s merry mutants the X-Men.  They had most recently been seen in the X-Men Legends games until the rest of the Marvel U decided they wanted in on the action and Marvel Ultimate Alliance devoured the franchise.

But the X-Men are back in their own game with X-Men: Destiny, tentatively scheduled for late 2011.  The game’s story is being written by Mike Carey, who has been a shining gem of the franchise for years with his work on X-Men: Legacy.  From the news that has been released (not much), it seems that players will take the role of a new mutant amongst the team and emphasises a branching storyline that reflects choices the player makes about their character.  To me, that sounds like the series of BioWare games like the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series or the more recent Dragon Age: Origins in which decisions you make affect yourself, your companions, and the world around you.  If that’s the case, I like it.

But we’re only in the first week of 2011.  The end of the year is a long way away.  What ever shall we do to pass the time?

Through my personal collection of games, plus the miracle that is computer emulation, I’ve obtained nearly every X-Men video game that has been released.  Now that I’ve typed that out, it makes me realize just how sad that really sounds.  But to kill the time before Destiny gets here, I will be going back through those games in a semi-regular (as in whenever I get around to it) feature called X-Men in Video Games.  We’ll start at the rather terrible beginnings of the NES and go all the way through X-Men Legends 2 (in which you’ll hear me complain about having to buy the PSP version to play as Cannonball).

The Special Features Page contains the list of what games will be covered, and will be updated once new entries are made.  It should be a fun journey!  Well, except for me – I have to replay some of the not-so-good ones.


Please comment! We really like them!

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