The jealousy-inducing love life of Scott Summers

Have you met Scott “Slim” Summers, longtime leader of the X-Men?  He may look like something of a goober, but when you look at some of the ladies he’s had over his nearly 50 years of published existence, you will be wishing you were him, uncontrollable eye lasers and all.

After being saved from his harsh youth and recruited to the X-Men, Scott eventually hooked with his teenage crush, who looked like this:

But after a while, she got caught piloting a space shuttle through a radiation storm, and was replaced by an alien energy force who took her form, looking like this:

During a period in thinking she was dead, he mourned her by hooking up with her:

His love turned out to be alive and well, but then died for real so her powers wouldn’t kill the universe, while she was looking like this:

He again mourned his lost love, this time by falling in love and marrying a clone of her who eventually went crazy and started dressing like this:

With his real love found to be alive and well, the two rekindled their romance and eventually tied the knot, now with her looking like this:

But their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing, after one of his teammates repeatedly tried to seduce him for her own giggles:

Eventually, his wife was killed in action, solving their marital issues for them.  From beyond the grave, she pushed her widower into the arms of psychic mistress:

And that’s where we are today.  Jealous?  You should be.


One comment

  1. yep, not to mention he couldn’t stop staring at psylocke who more or less seduced him successfully, he also hooked up with lee forrester who was also really hot during the time of jeans first “death”, and after having a psychic affair with emma for months, jean dies again and scott and emma literally make out on her grave. Then after he gets tired of emma he gets with frenzy for a while but then later goes back to emma…


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