More wacky Marvel numbering antics

Marvel has a new Thor movie coming out in May and to go with it they’re going to be screwing around with the comic-end of the Norse hero.

A short while ago, Marvel pulled one of its numbering tricks to bump the currently ongoing Thor to #600, pulling in all of the various volumes of Thor’s book as well as the old Journey Into Mystery, in which the Marvel Thor originally debuted.  To coincide with the movie, however, the book’s current writer Matt Fraction will be joined by artist Oliver Coipel on a relaunched Mighty Thor #1.  Same storyline for those readers of the current title, just new place.

But what about that big number they just spent the effort jumping up to?  No worries!  That will continue on with Journey Into Mystery, which will launch with the new movie.  Nevermind that the last attempt to launch a second Thor book, Thor: The Mighty Avenger was just cancelled after eight issues.

The reasoning is simple.  In theory, casual fans who see the movie might be interested enough in Thor to buy the comic, and thus a new #1 is an inviting jumping-on point.  And once the movie hype is gone and the sales slump, the two books will be combined once again and the numbers adjusted accordingly.

I would like to mention that Uncanny X-Men made it into #500+ without having to fake it.

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