Wizard ceases publication

After nearly two decades, Wizard magazine is no more.  Also gone is its companion publication ToyFare.

Launched in 1991 as “The Guide to Comics” Wizard was known for its comics pricing guide and its hot list of books, writers and artists.  It eventually changed itself from a guide to a magazine format, often bashed by comic fans across the Internet.  The magazine took a huge hit in readership with the growth of the Internet, with countless comic news sites providing the same information free of charge as soon as it breaks.

Though no longer publishing the magazine, the company Wizard Entertainment will focus on its Wizard World website, relaunching it in February.

Though I cannot recall the last time I personally bought an issue, I recall its pricing guides being an important part of my early comic days back in its first issues, even though I never sold any of my comics.  I believe I still have several issues I pilfered from Casey over the years.

One comment

  1. This is sad news indeed. Loved Wizard growing up, even though it would frustrate me to no end to see my comics’ prices stagnate and plummet while my dad’s comics would skyrocket. I still have some issues stashed away that had “how to draw” articles by some of my favorite artists. I particularly remember the article by Erik Larsen when the Savage Dragon was new to the comic scene.


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