J. R.’s Power Rankings 2/1/11

Here are my latest power rankings.  January proved to be a light month for me, with 6 of the 17 titles I buy not having an issue released.  Not appearing is a copy Secret Six that I bought because it tied into Action Comics.  Secret Six is a title that I may start buying in March, after their Doom Patrol tie-in comes out in February.  Also as a reminder, these rankings reflect my thoughts on the recent run of the title, not just the latest issue.

Ranking Title Last Month Notes
1 Fables 1 This month was a brief interlude to show what Bufkin and the group in the business office have been up to.  Good issue, but not really happy it ended without a resolution before the “Super Team” story begins in the book.
2 Batman 3 Dick Greyson continues his search for the Sensei, enlisting the help of The Reaper and Catgirl.  I-Ching continues the search for Peacock’s brother, Luki, on his own.
3 Red Robin 2 This issue was a bit of a letdown, with Red Robin going inside the “Unternet.”  Nothing really happened in the issue, which is why the title fell one place to #3.
4 Detective Comics 4 Scott Snyder’s first story arc ends with Dick Grayson using lessons learned as an aerialist to combat the effects of the poison that was in his system, and take down The Dealer.
5 Action Comics 7 An entire issue of Lex Luthor talking to the Joker, who happens to be in possession of a tiny black sphere.  Paul Cornell did a fine job scripting the dialogue, though Pete Woods did something to Joker’s face that kind of threw me off.  Although, he did remember the gunshot wound between his eyes.
6 The Mice Templar 5 No new issue this month.
7 Zatanna 6 Zatanna escapes the clutches of a puppet that her dad created from someone appearing to attack her.  She then listens to his tale, and looks for a way to make him a person again.  There was also a back up story by Adam Beechen featuring Zatanna getting her braces, and stopping someone in the mall using a speak-n-spell.  Title would have stayed at 6 if it had just been the Paul Dini story for the entire 20 pages.
8 Brightest Day 11 The Hawks are finally able to break the curse that has been placed upon them, but don’t want to follow the white lantern ring’s instructions.  Firestorm is thankful that they did not destroy the world, but find themselves in the anti-matter universe.
9 Batman, Inc. 8 No new issue.
10 Green Lantern 9 No new issue.
11 Batman:  Streets of Gotham 12 More background is developed in the history of the Elliots and the Waynes, and their connection to the Gotham City mob scene.  Two more issues until this title is ended.
12 Batman & Robin 11 Paul Cornell’s three-issue fill-in finally ends.  As good as Action Comics has been is how bad Batman & Robin was.  Dick and Damien deal with one of Bruce’s jilted exes, but are set free when she finds out that they are willing to die for Bruce.  Peter Tomasi’s run debuts in Feb.
13 Wonder Woman 13 Phil Hester continues scripting JMS’ story.  Diana continues to dive into the people responsible for the destruction of Paradise Island, forced to resort to new levels of violence, and the warrior lifestyle.  All while The Morrigan looks on, resurrecting some Amazons lost on Paradise Island.
14 Superman 15 Finally, someone tells Superman how stupid all of this walking around stuff is.  However, apparently someone is influencing Superman’s mind, which is why he sided with the factory that was polluting the environment, and didn’t want to pay for clean-up.  This issue moved up only because Invincible didn’t come out.
15 Invincible 14 No new issue.
16 Gotham City Sirens 16 No new issue.
17 Batman:  The Dark Knight 17 No new issue.



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