J. R.’s Power Rankings 3/2/11

Here are my latest power rankings after February’s slate of new issues. This month, 4 of my titles did not have a new issue.  This marks two months in a row for two of those titles:  Batman The Dark Knight and Batman Inc.  As a reminder, these rankings reflect my thoughts on the recent run of the title, not just the latest issue.  Also, spoilers may be in the notes for each title.

Ranking Title Last Month Notes
1 Fables 1 The “Super Team” storyline started.  Pinocchio formulates a plan to create his own comic book style super team to combat Mr. Dark.
2 Detective Comics 4 Scott Snyder continues the story about the return of James Gordon Jr. and his meeting with his father that had been appearing in the now abandoned back-up feature in the book.  Batman (Dick) and Red Robin chase some animal smugglers, even with Dick still recovering from the poison he was exposed to in the previous story.  Francesco Francavilla’s art was also really nice.
3 Batman 2 The “Eye of the Beholder Storyline concludes with I-Ching, Peacock, and Batman’s plan for taking down Sensei and getting the Mask of the Beholder comes together.  This continues to be a nice action title to contrast what is going on in Detective Comics.
4 Red Robin 3 Tim has to deal with fallout from the Calculator after hacking into the Unternet.  Tim calls in the Teen Titans to help find bombs placed in Calculator look alike robots.  Okay issue, but not interesting enough to make me want to get the Teen Titans tie-in.  Can’t really say if the quality of the book is starting to drop from its peak, or if other titles are just catching up to it.
5 Action Comics 5 Lex Luthor confronts Larfleeze to attempt to get the black sphere that he possesses away from him.  Luthor again proves that the only thing he values are his own desires.  Maybe it’s just me, but Pete Woods’ art seems to have gotten better since he first started drawing a Superman title.
6 Brightest Day 8 “Aquawar” begins and concludes in the two issues this month.  Too much happened to even summarize, but it was good enough that I cared about what happened between Aquaman and Black Manta.  At the end of it, the White Lantern ring restored life to Aquaman, but then took his life like it did with the Hawks.
7 The Mice Templar 6 Ronan’s camp is attacked, with Ronan actually attacking Cassius in the confusion.  In the capital city, King Icarus’ underlings begin making their own plans while he has secluded himself after Karic’s attack.  Karic’s family that were freed in the attack but stuck in the capital city are hidden by some sympathizers.  Book was a bit scattered this month, but still a good mythological read.
8 Green Lantern 10 Krona is revealed to be the person that was trying to capture all of the entities.  With the help of Hectar Hammond, possessed by the Orange entity Ophidian, Krona is able to fight off the New Guardians and escape them.  The JLA gets on Hal for doing all of this on his own, but he ignores them, and leaves with the New Guardians.  Entertaining issue, but not exactly sure how it leads to the “War of the Green Lanterns.”  Maybe it’s in the Green Lantern books I’m not reading.  Also, it would appear that Doug Mahnke drew the wrong Batman in this issue.
9 Zatanna 7 No new issue.
10 Batman, Inc. 9 No new issue.
11 Batman & Robin 12 Peter Tomasi’s arc started with a fun scene involving Bruce, Dick, Tim, Damian, and Alfred getting together to watch The Mark of Zorro.  Dick and Damian investigate a mysterious death involving a jumper that jumps to his death in the middle of a charity event while wearing wings.  Their investigation is interrupted by Man-Bat, telling them to “save them.”  A fine first issue of what now looks to be a three issue run for Tomasi.
12 Batman:  Streets of Gotham 11 No new issue.
13 Wonder Woman 13 Wonder Woman hunts down the Minotaur in order to save a young boy.  Meanwhile, Artemis, Cheetah, and Giganta attack the Amazons home.  They continue to reveal that there is some being behind this new status for Wonder Woman.  Realistically though, it’s unlikely this book ever moves up the rankings.
14 Superman 14 Superman is encouraged by an appearance by the Superman Squad.  The mysterious woman trying to control Superman tries to put him in a situation where he has to make a choice of who lives and dies, but somehow, the new look Wonder Woman shows up in Kansas, and helps Superman save people from a really fast forming flood.  The dialogue is getting better, but not the story.  Wonder Woman’s appearance is also weird.  It’ll probably be easier to just ignore it.
15 Gotham City Sirens 16 Two issues this month.  Selina Kyle and Harely Quinn talk out their issues about loving men that don’t or can’t truly love them back.  Harley decides to do something about it and breaks into Arkham.  Title moved up not because it was better, I just hated Invincible that much.
16 Invincible 15 The Viltrumite War ends with the remaining Viltrumites making it back to Earth before Invincible does.  They threaten the planet if he doesn’t let them live and rebuild their society in peace.  Without a fight, he agrees.  The story opened with a bloody sequence meant to shock you, but was really just a dream.  I really did not like the war and this resolution did not help.  Longer rant may be coming if title doesn’t return to a more personable feel.
17 Batman:  The Dark Knight 17 No new issue.

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