New Comic Day hangover

There’s only one book on my list this week, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be skipping it.  So this week it’s going to be:

  • X-Factor #216 in which J. Jonah Jameson comes a-knockin’.

Since this is my only book, I’ll be going a little more into it than usual.  Details, thoughts and SPOILERS after the jump.

I can’t say I read much Amazing Spider-Man, but I do know enough about the book to know that J. Jonah Jameson is Mayor of New York.  But what I never thought about was that maybe J.J. might have a problem with a super-powered team like X-Factor Investigations setting up shop in his fair city.  After all, the last time X-Factor was in town, the entire Mutant Town neighborhood was blown up.  Remember that?

So when Jameson comes to the office demanding to see Madrox, we learn exactly why Jameson was fine with Madrox and crew’s return – he demanded that a service be done in return (with Madrox mentioning that the line in The Godfather was actually quoting Jameson – which is hilarious).  A few issues back, we got a random side-story during the fight with Hela in which M telepathically unlocked the memories and abilities of someone who was actually mostly crazy and went and killed a guy.  This is the repercussion for that story, so it all makes sense.

But it’s not like the entire issue was spent with Madrox and Jameson talking.  M and Shatterstar get a visit from Spider-Man on the roof of the building and M takes a rather unexpected position on the longtime Spidey/Jameson feud.  Spider-Man debuted right after the Fantastic Four, who not only put their identities out to the public, but were loved for it.  The obvious question became why did Spider-Man hide his face?  We, who have followed his adventures for decades, know the answer to that but M brings it up that Spider-Man never did.  It’s also very hard for Jameson to get anywhere close to trust or respect for Spidey when he shows up wherever the mayor is.  Now a Spider-Man fan might be clawing at the page in anger, but I think it’s a very interesting look from a character that not only has nothing to do with Spider-Man and no love for him, but never will.  It’s not like we’ll be seeing a Spider-Man/M team-up book in the near future.

And since this is X-Factor we get plenty of endearing moments with the rest of the cast.  Shatterstar loses a game of M because he’s distracted by her breasts.  Pip the Troll goes trolling on message boards, giving writer Peter David an opportunity to comment about fans who directly give creators crap online just for the sake of giving them crap.  Layla Miller and Wolfsbane have a moment together in which Layla tells Rahne directly to stop lying to the team (like telling Rictor that her baby was his) or she’ll tell Rahne all the things that happened to her in X-Force that she’s managed to block out.  You know – like ripping off Angel’s wings or eating her own father.

It’s hard to believe that after 67 issues, Peter David is still going this strong in X-Factor, but it’s a pure joy to read each and every issue.

Next week:

  • Justice League: Generation Lost #21 where Blue Beetle hopefully stays dead (yeah, I said it).
  • X-Men Legacy #246, continuing the Age of X.

And since my girlfriend is reading X-23, I might start looking into that one as well.  If that’s the case, X-23 #7.


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