A tiny delay

The next edition of Chuck Austen’s X-Men will be a tiny bit delayed.  It will most likely be up tomorrow morning, but if I’m lucky I may be able to have it done this evening.

I was distracted last night in the painstaking effort of cataloging my comic collection (using the excellent Comic Collector 5 program) and finally finished up at around 11:30 last night.  The final count?  3,463 comics, including trade paperbacks (counting one a piece, rather than the sum of their collected issues).  Being that this summer will mark a solid two decades since I first “officially” started my collection (with Uncanny X-Men #278) I’m averaging at about 173 comics a year, if they were perfectly balanced.

Yeah, I know – I’m not really giving any fun analysis/ridicule here, but I was quite proud of my efforts.  Our regularly scheduled blogging will resume shortly.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Collectorz or their program.  I just really enjoyed using it and thought I should pass the word.  Though I’d be quite happy to be paid for it.  That’d be neat.

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