Peter David’s Green Hornet

It’s no secret that Peter David is my favorite comic writer.  He’s been so since I discovered Young Justice at a time when I wasn’t reading many comics, which led me to rediscover the old issues of X-Factor that had been in my longbox for years.  When CBR features him in one of their weekly X-Position articles, I’m always eager to check it out.  Yesterday, amongst the usual questions of future stories for X-Factor and how he plots his storylines, a rather interesting story was told.  And it involved this:

This picture alone is better than Seth Rogen's movie.

PAD scripted the new Spider-Man game “Edge of Time”, so Activision brought him out to the recent WonderCon on their dime.  Wanting Activision to get the most for their money, he decided to limit his appearance to the game panel so that any attention he got would be shared by the game, since that was the whole reason he was there.  But still wanting to enjoy the convention, he put together a Green Hornet costume and went incognito.  And surprisingly enough, the costume worked like a charm.  He got numerous requests for pictures, but very few people recognized who he actually was and thus didn’t hound him with questions and autograph requests.

The funniest line of the article, though, came when he was talking about how creators he had known for years still didn’t recognize him:

[I]t was rather entertaining to walk up to Len Wein and say, “I’m a huge fan, Mr. Wolfman.”

I would have paid to see THAT reaction.

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