DC tidbits and an update

After Justice League: Generation Lost concluded, I found myself no longer collecting any DC titles.  Thus this seemingly disastrous gimmick mega event relaunch thing doesn’t directly affect me.  Two titles actually stuck out to me, but for various reasons I have decided against them both.

Justice League International
I had finished JL:GL with every intention of picking this book up when it launched.  Unfortunately (for me, at least) the title has been given to Dan Jurgens for writing duties, but not for art duties.  Of the two, Jurgens’s art has always been stronger than his writing and his taking over Booster Gold twice led to me dropping the title.  I’m not saying his stuff is particularly bad, per se, but it’s not exactly good either.  If it turns out to be epic stuff, I might consider picking up the trades, but more than likely this will just be a title that exists for the sake of existing.  Much like when he took over the original JLI team back in the late eighties and turned it into a Superman book.

Blue Beetle
After much doing, I have gotten over my hatred of Jaime Reyes, with a lot of help from the story in Booster Gold by Giffen and DeMatteis that saw Booster finally coming to terms with Ted Kord’s death.  So for about a minute, I actually considered picking up this relaunch of Blue Beetle, but then I realized I had no interest in the kid’s solo adventures.  I liked him a lot as a member of Teen Titans and he really grew on my in JL:GL.  Much like his predecessor, young Jaime works well in team settings, but I just can’t get hyped up about seeing him solo.  I have a feeling this book is going to be one of the many announced that will quickly fizzle out.

So with those two off my radar, it looks like I will be continuing to Make Mine Marvel.

Okay jerk, so where’s the new Chuck Austen’s X-Men?
This one is about 60% complete, but I ran into an unforeseen case of illness over the weekend and spent a lot of it not thinking or moving.  But that’s not to say I’m going to let it go.  Look for the posting to come tomorrow afternoon at the latest.  Would I lie to you?


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