Catching up on the hangover

It has been 2 months and one day since my last edition of the New Comic Day Hangover.  I’ve been working on a big catch-up edition to follow up on all the stories that I’ve read in that time.  But in going through what that would entail, I’ve also noticed just how many books I’ve bought in those weeks.

So when it’s done, we’ll be looking at:

4 Issues of
Uncanny X-Men

3 Issues of
Prelude to Schism
X-Men Legacy

2 Issues of
New Mutants
Uncanny X-Force
Astonishing X-Men

1 Issue of
X-Men: Schism
Fear Itself: X-Force

So that’s 25 issues.  Needless to say, it’ll be a big one.  Stay tuned!


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