Tidbits From DC on Thursday at Comic-Con

Each day I’ll go through the news from DC’s panels at Comic-con, and post any little tidbits that I find interesting.  Sometimes it’ll be news, sometimes it will be funny or infuriating things that are said by people in attendance.  Since I’m not actually there, I’m getting this information second hand, usually from Comic Book Resources.

Flashpoint Panel

  • Creators liked working on Flashpoint tie-ins, because it gave them freedom to do essentially whatever they wanted to, since this a world that did not have many details set for them.
  • Kid Flash Lost #3 will do something surprising with the Speed Force that’s important for Flashpoint #5.
  • Flashpoint #5 will have a double page spread that will attempt to explain how the DCU gets from Flashpoint to the New 52.
  • News about Milestone characters other than Static Shock was teased for one of the Sunday panels.
  • A fan joked that an Aquaman event should be titled “Splashpoint.”
New 52 and Batman panels after the break.
Thursday’s New 52 Panel
  • Didio tried to talk to the fans about some of the fears they were having about the New 52, and what could be done to calm those fears.  A fan yelled out “hire women,” to which Didio yelled back “who.”  Didio then answered everything and all fans instantly understood why things were happening.  Nothing else substantial seemed to come from this part, according to the report I read.
  • Justice League International will be sponsored by the UN, and have changing membership.
  • Cliff Chiang (artist on Wonder Woman) joked that Wonder Woman’s pants were retractable, being that the initial artwork showed her in pants, but recent artwork shows her in her traditional shorts.
  • People in the audience expressed doubts about Scott Lobdell writing Teen Titans, and he told them they’re so wrong.
  • Ollie Queen will have a Apple-esque corporation at his disposal, with gadgets and trick arrows.
  • Paul Cornell is excited to have the entire Medieval DC to play with in Demon Knights.
  • Didio said that the Marvel family will be used in the future, but didn’t have anything for them in the first wave of books.
  • Didio said that the New 52 books will be shipping on time, because people quit buying late books.  Didio then turned water into wine.
  • There are no plans currently to have Wally West in the relaunched Flash book.
  • Editor Eddie Berganza has a timeline for the New DC, and character histories will be revealed over time.  The analogy used was that people have history, and when you meet someone, you don’t instantly learn everything about them, but instead learn about them over time.
  • Damian Wayne is Robin, but Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake have all been Robin in the New 52.
Batman Panel
  • Gail Simone said that the new Batgirl book will focus on Barbara Gordon being a young woman just out of college, and trying to find her way in the world.
  • Judd Winick spoke about taking Catwoman back to a woman in a catsuit that steals things.
  • Scott Lobdell talked about Red Hood and the Outlaws being a fun look into the damaged lives of the characters (Jason Todd, Starfire, Roy Harper).
  • Grant Morrison mentioned that the identity of Leviathan will be revealed when Batman Inc. restarts in a few months.  He also mentioned that Batman Inc. is the culmination of his 6, or 600, years that he’s been working on Batman.
  • Scott Snyder said the Bruce Wayne will be learning more about the history of Gotham City and how he fits in it in Batman.
  • David Finch mentioned that his book was a failure he learned how difficult it was to write and draw, and was getting help with the relaunched title.
  • There currently isn’t a plan for the Batman Beyond book, but the editors expected it to continue eventually.

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