Teaser Trailer Trifecta

There’s a few big comic book movies rolling out in the summer of 2012 and their respective studios have already started releasing trailers. One or two of these may be more appropriately called “teasers”, but a teaser is really just a really short trailer so call it what you want.
Trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Avengers after the jump.

First up is The Dark Knight Rises, the sequel to The Dark Knight. You may have heard of The Dark Knight. It’s only the eighth highest grossing movie of all time, and the only comic based movie in the top twenty aside from the abysmal Spider-Man 3. If you were already aware that director Christopher Nolan was making his third and final Batman film, this teaser doesn’t really tell you anything new. With the exception of Commissioner Gordon lying in a hospital bed and a very brief glimpse of the new Bane, this is entirely comprised of footage from the first two movies.

Next up is The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise due out in July. When this film comes out it’ll be just over ten years since the launch of the original Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man films. As bad as Spider-Man 3 was, I feel that they could have kept the franchise going. At one time there were plans for three more sequels, but all that fell apart when Raimi dropped out. As for the new movie, directed by Marc Webb, I’m torn. I like the look of the movie and I like the casting choices. But the trailer, at least, seems to be devoid of any sense of fun or adventure that I feel Spider-Man should have. It’s actually a little depressing. And I understand this is a rebooting of the franchise, but do they really need to retell the origin in its entirety again?

And finally there’s a teaser for The Avengers, the culmination of the movie universe Marvel’s been building since Iron Man back in 2008. This is currently running after the credits of Captain America and hasn’t been released online yet, hence the terribly hand-cam quality. Still, I’m ridiculously excited for this movie.


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