DC Comic-Con Stuff From Friday

Here are the interesting, I think, tidbits from Friday’s DC panels.  A bit of a warning, there is a spoiler about the end of the last issue of Green Lantern.

Grant Morrison Panel (may have happened late Thursday)

  • The Invisibles was written as a happy book because Morrison needed cheering up, whereas his next book, The Filth, came out of a happy time in his life.
  • Morrison would like to write Wonder Woman.
  • Morrison has a screenplay called Dinosaurs vs. Aliens that is being looked at being made into a movie.  He joked that it probably should be a SyFy movie, but still, it may be the first movie he has made from his work.
  • Addressing a fan comment about lack of originality in comics, Morrison responded that there are only seven different plots people go through, and everything is a version of those.  “Everyone in the world has a unique experience, everyone has one set of eyes in the entire history of life on earth and the universe and that’s where the originality comes from, by telling the truth of what they see, and a lack of originality comes from not telling the truth and trying to be like someone else.”
  • A screenplay for We3 is floating around, but he doesn’t expect it to be made anytime soon.
  • When asked if he could make anything he wrote “unretconable,” since a lot of his New X-Men stuff has been phased it, what would it be, Morrison replied with Animal Man’s marriage.
  • Morrison mentioned that he had an idea of what he’d like to do if he had the chance to write a Flash:  Earth One graphic novel.
  • There are plans for him to appear in a third My Chemical Romance music video.  (Writer’s note:  if you haven’t seen either video, do so now but clicking here and here.)
  • Morrison talked about how he envisioned his Superman as a bit more mischievous and anti-authority, going back to his more “champion of the oppressed” roots.
  • He stated that he respects the work of Scott Snyder and Matt Fraction, and his favorite comic to read currently is Batman:  The Brave and the Bold.
New 52, Superman, and Justice League panels after the break.

Friday’s New 52 Panel
  • Didio said things started because sales were falling, so last October, 23 writers were gathered to discuss possibilities.
  • Didio said initially he wasn’t going to renumber Action and Detective, but then decided that in order for people to this a serious move, even those two needed to be renumbered.
  • Regarding costumes, Jim Lee commented that he wanted the Justice League to have a similar look that would define them as a team.
  • Didio said that while they’re rolling back characters ages and experience levels, it was not their intention to retell old stories.  (On a personal note, I wouldn’t mind a re-imagining of The Laughing Fish story.)
  • Power Girl will appear in the Mr. Terrific book.
  • Stephanie Brown will appear somewhere in the Batbooks.
  • No characters would remember the way things were before.
  • Superman’s death is still part of continuity.
  • Green Lantern:  Rebirth still happened.
  • A fan asked Jim Lee why the Justice League uniforms had collars, and Lee responded with something about it looking more regal and formal, and being almost a dress uniform.
  • JSA characters Alan Scott and Jay Garrick would be getting a rest at the moment.
Superman Panel
  • Grant Morrison explained that Action Comics would take place 5 years before current continuity.  He added that he wanted to explore what makes people care about Superman, which was apparantly that he wore his underpants outside his pants. “People go crazy when they think you’re going to change everything, but this is about how Superman got his costume and why he got it…the whole idea of being a 17 year old guy whose mom sews your costume [is a bit ridiculous.]” The book explores the realism of what a young man in Superman’s position would be. “‘All-Star’ was Superman at the end of his life, but this Superman is young and brash and more take-charge…we want to see this guy fight on the streets for the common man.”
  • Editor Matt Idelson described Clark Kent in the Superman book as a lonely guy trying to find his place in the world.
  • J. Michael Straczynski is working on a Superman:  Earth One Vol. 2.
  • Lois Lane has a new love interest.
  • Scott Lobdell said that Superboy will pretty much be the same character we know today, and this first story is about a group that is trying to reverse engineer him.
  • Mike Johnson said that Supergirl would not remember who she is or where she is, and the reader would be discovering the world with her.
  • Morrison said the New Gods will appear in his Multiversity series, whenever it comes out.
  • Morrison also added that there is a reason for the armor suit Superman wears, and it will be revealed.  Also, his cape is his baby blanket from Krypton.
  • Morrison also said that Steel will appear in Action Comics, in some way.
  • Superman’s time with the Legion is still intact, and they will appear in Action Comics #1.
  • Lobdell added that Superboy is a villain in the first Teen Titans story.  Uhg.
  • Morrison said that ideas he had about a younger Superman while writing All-Star is what morphed into this new Action Comics.
  • Lex Luthor will be a scientist and a businessman working with the government, often being seen as a hero himself.
  • Superman will still have his pal Jimmy Olsen.
  • When asked about whether or not Superman is appropriate for children, JMS responded that the Earth One book was designed for maturer audience, while Morrison said that his Action Comics would be an all-ages book.
Justice League Panel (spoiler alert about Green Lantern)
  •  Dan Jurgens described Justice League International as a response group to the Justice League with some of the “Guys” thinking that they should be on the better team.
  • Geoff Johns said he wanted to do something different with Green Lantern #1, which is why Sinestro is back with a green ring, and no one, including himself wants him to have.  But, he can’t get the damn thing off.
  • Johns said that people that think Aquaman sucks should actually read Aquaman.
  • Francis Manapul said that the Flash will now put on his suit by having his ring shoot out pieces of the costume, which he runs toward and which bind to each other in the heat.
  • JT Krul described his Captain Atom as a story about isolation and science fiction.
  • Eric Wallace described his Mister Terrific book as a science fiction James Bond, joking that it’s difficult to write the smartest man on the planet when you’re not that smart.
  • Johns said that Hawkman is a member of the JLA.
  • Jurgens said that Batman being on the JLI is unknown to the UN.
  • The JLA and JLI will not work together, because Johns joked that him and Jurgens have a lot of problems with each other.
  • Johns said he enjoys writing Cyborg. “He’s online and offline all the time. You can ask him how he knows something, he’ll say, oh, I read it off your computer. You say, you can’t do that, he’ll say, yeah, I also updated your security.”
  • Johns said that we’ll see where Martian Manhunter is at in the first arc of Justice League.
  • It seemed like Jim Lee teased a return of Ryan Choi as the Atom in Justice League, while answering a question about diversity.

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