DC Comic-Con Stuff From Saturday

Here are round-ups from the DC panels from Saturday.  Sadly, CBR didn’t have the Fables panel up yet, so that will appear on the next write up.

Green Lantern Panel

  • Geoff Johns said that Sinestro will have to go against the Sinestro Corps, and an upcoming story arc will explore his fascination with the Indigo tribe.
  • Green Lantern:  New Guardians will focus on what Kyle Rayner means to the entire emotional spectrum.
  • There are no current plans to do more stories with the Black Ops Green Lanterns.
  • Following his death, there are plans to show what is going to happen to Mogo’s ring.
  • The Green Lantern titles are going to explore the world and society that exists on Oa.
  • Blackest Night still exists in continuity.
  • Black Hand will make an appearance in an upcoming story.
  • Johns said that there was the possibility of a Larfleeze mini-series in the future.
  • Johns said a fan question about Lanterns maybe being able to use more than one power ring at a time would be addressed in Green Lantern.
  • The audience was split when polled about preferring crossovers or standalones.
New 52 and the Dark and Edge panels are after the break.
Saturday New 52
  • Geoff Johns said that everyone thinking Aquaman is silly is one of the inspirations and themes of the book.  Johns joked that he had already cut off his hand, and his foot is next.
  • Johns spoke about Sinestro having a green ring that the guardians don’t want him to have, but the thought that maybe the ring saw the potential for redemption.  However, Sinestro doesn’t think he needs redemption.
  • Grant Morrison described his new non-fiction book “Supergods” would be like sitting on a train with him, listening to him babble on about the history of superheroes.
  •  Rob Liefeld talked about wanting to go back to Hawk & Dove, the characters he broke into DC with.
  • Scott Lobdell joked about being “the guy who’s not Chris Claremont” while writing X-Men, to now being “the guy who’s not Marv Wolfman or Geoff Johns” while writing Teen Titans.
  • Tony Daniel said that he’d be bringing new characters into Hawkman’s world in The Savage Hawkman.
  • Daniel said that he’d be doing more noir-like stories in Detective Comics.
  • Scott Snyder said that Swamp Thing’s past still exists in his new comic.
  • Didio once again defended the representation and number of female characters in the DCU when a fan brought it up.
  • Morrison said the New Gods currently reside on Earth-51 and would appear in the Multiversity series.
Dark and Edge Panel
  • Editor Pat McCallum described the Suicide Squad as not a team, but rather a group of terrible people doing terrible things.
  • Scott Snyder described Swamp Thing as a book about man fighting monsters, including the monster that is him.
  • Jeff Lemire said his inspiration for Animal Man came from the pre-Vertigo series, and his daughter Maxine would be a big part of the book.
  • Talking about Frankenstein, Lemire said that since he’s made of many different people, he wanted to explore who those people are and how they influence Frankenstein.
  • Josh Fialkov described I, Vampire as a book where a couple handle being a vampire very differently.  Vampires have been underground doing menial tasks at night, like driving cabs, but are getting fed up with humans.
  • Paul Cornell said the cast of Demon Knights would be Etrigan, Madame Xanadu,  Vandal Savage, Horsewoman, Algebar, The Shinning Knight, and a mysterious strongwoman from an island somewhere.  They are all drinking at a bar one night and just happen to get dragged into a battle.  Etrigan would now be rhyming at end of scenes, in a bit of iambic pentameter.
  • Cornell said that Stormwatch look down upon the superheroes and are annoyed by them.
  • Adam Glass said that you wouldn’t see Suicide Squad hanging out in the book.  Deadshot is essentially the leader of the team.
  • Mike Costa said that his Blackhawks book would feature mostly new characters.

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