DC Comic-Con Stuff From Sunday

There were only two panels today:  Fables and New 52.  While Fables isn’t DCU, and I did not cover the Vertigo panel, I’m writing about Fables because I actually read Fables.  There also wasn’t a lot of of new information in the New 52 panel, so the recap is pretty short.

Fables Panel

  • Issue 107 would deal with Sleeping Beauty, being that she is still asleep in the Imperial City.  Issue 108 would start a new story arc called “Inherit the Wind, ” and will deal with replacing the North Wind and Bufkin being back in the land of Oz.
  • There will not be a third Cinderella mini-series.
  • A new spinoff series was announced, titled “Fairest,” and it will feature stories about any Fables character that can be called the “fairest of them all.”  The first arc will be written by Bill Willingham, drawn by Phil Jiminez, and continue the Sleeping Beauty story.  Lauren Beukes will write the second story which features Rapunzel in Tokyo.  The third story will be written by Sean Williams and feature a new set of Fables.
  • Willingham said the “Werewolves in the Hearland” graphic novel would be delayed again.
  • The Fables video game from Telltale games would be out next year, feature a wolfish character, and would be considered canon.
  • Willingham told a fan that the Blue Fairy will be making another appearance eventually.
  • Mark Buckingham mentioned that in early 2013, there would be a special issue for the 20th anniversary of Vertigo.  That issue would be #125.
  • Willingham said that Fables have traveled around Hollywood, leaving bastard children, but there was nothing new to report regarding the Fable property itself.
  • Sinbad will be making a return.
New 52 panel after the break.
New 52 Panel
  • Francis Manapul talked about the Flash Rogues gallery, and that they would be adding to and revealing it over time.  The group has broken up but Captain Cold is trying to hold them together.
  • Gail Simone told everyone that The Killing Joke did still happen, and the new Batgirl book would show how she rebounded from that event.
  • Simone also said that she had initially declined writing Firestorm, until Ethan Van Sciver convinced her to do it.
  • Didio replied to a fan that no characters will remember anything from Flashpoint.
  • Someone asked about a Lois Lane mini, and was told that they needed to establish the status quo before thinking about doing a mini for her.
  • Didio was asked how he considered 6 of 28 solo titles featuring women, with only 2 of those not connected to male characters, increasing diversity.  Didio moved on to the next question.
  • Barry Allen and Iris are not married in Flash.

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