Batman Arkham City Awesomeness

Normally, I’m not one to get excited about a video game that’s coming out, let alone extras for said game.  But then again, this is the follow-up to a wonderful (from what I’ve heard and little bit I’ve played of it) game.  WB Games announced today that there would be five bonus Batman skins for the game, each a part of a pre-order special.  Hopefully, they’ll be DLC at some point.

From left to right are the Batman Beyond suit (Bruce Wayne did wear it in the beginning of the first episode), Frank Miller’s Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, Gary Frank’s Batman from the upcoming Batman: Earth One, Batman from the ’70s, Batman from Batman:  The Animated Series, and the Batman designed for the game series.  The Batman from the animated series (original, not Beyond) is the one that I’m most interested in.  Also, this may be the first appearance of the Batman:  Earth One Batman.  If not, it’s probably the first appearance since the initial announcement a couple years ago.  Not featured in the game is Jim Lee’s The Goddamn Batman.


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