Uncanny getting a new logo

Marvel released a teaser of the first issue of the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men with one of the roster revealed (spoiler alert: it’s Emma Frost), but what took my attention more was the logo they had with it.

It looks like this:

A new logo for a new direction, yes?

The X-Men logo gets a new look every so often as the line takes new directions or goes through shake-ups, but they never really seem to stick.  Eventually, the logo ends up reverting back to the classic logo (or a small variation of it) designed oh-so-long ago by Jim Steranko.  You know the one:

I have no doubt that Marvel will eventually reunify the two X-Men factions and aim the line for a more retro feel (returning to the X-Mansion, led by Professor X, etc.) and with that will see a return to this logo.  And why not?  It’s an iconic look and it just works.

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