X-Men teasing follow-up, X-Force style

Wouldn’t you know that the day after I go into the teaser images Marvel has been pushing to promote the new direction for the X-Men books, another one goes up?  Oh well – here’s the one for Uncanny X-Force.

Unlike the other five teasers, the shadowed out images in this one are easy to figure out.  They’re regular cast members Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex.  And that’s great – there’s no need to shake up this book’s roster.

The real mention here is that the featured character is the Age of Apocalypse variation of Nightcrawler.  I mentioned yesterday that I spotted what looked to me like Nightcrawler’s tail on the cover of Wolverine and the X-Men.  Having him here pretty much disproves that theory (since the covers of Wolverine and the X-Men, Legacy and X-Force seem to link up like the other three did) but who cares?  He’s HERE!  Bringing the AoA Nightcrawler into the mainstream is an interesting way to get the character back.  It will be an interesting adjustment period should X-Force not keep him a secret from the rest of the X-Men.  I’m going to have to pull my four issues of X-Calibre and check out the differences between the deceased Nightcrawler and the AoA one.


One comment

  1. The difference between them is the awesomeness of the latter. I mean, he teleports Proudstar’s finger and Dead Man Wade’s head off!


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