On gratuitous sex…or something

It’s been a little while since the issue came out, but now that I’ve seen the offending image, I suppose I’ll take a moment and talk about the concluding splash page that finished Catwoman #1.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and since this is a comic blog, we’ll call it the Rock of Eternity which would make you the wizard Shazam) the debut issue of the new DCU Catwoman ended with Catwoman and Batman having sex.  On a rooftop.  In costume.  And there was nothing assumed about the matter.  There it was, shown in a big honking splash page to close out the issue.

Fine, here. Enjoy.

Of course, people freaked the f*ck out about the matter, sparking yet another hoo-hah about women in comic books.  As for me, I’m not particularly upset about the content.  After all, I saw sex in Watchmen (not to mention having a blue penis waggling around for most of the book) and I saw more graphic sex in an old issue of Shade the Changing Man that still haunts my nightmares (that one you’re going to have to find on your own).

My only problem with this is how ridiculously cheesy the whole matter is.  The scene was most certainly thrown into the book to get the hype going about one of the “let’s try to relaunch it while we have the reason” books of the DC reboot, and to that end it’s worked brilliantly.  Whether the outrage will lead to anymore sales is in my mind a less likely result.  But I don’t really care about Catwoman – I had no intention of buying the book before and I have no intention of buying it now.  My initial thought on the matter was how unlikely Batman would be to waste 10 minutes (okay, we’ll give him some credit and give it 25) on a roof having sex while the criminals still lurked through the streets of Gotham.  But this is the new DCU where anything they make up about a character can be true immediately, rather than having to bother establishing it.

The complaints about how cheesecake it’s becoming is silly.  Cheesecake is a given when it comes to female characters in comics.  Just run a Google image search on comic book cheesecake and enjoy the gratuitous history lesson (here, I’ll do it for you).   But I simply find the offending image to be ridiculous on it’s own merit as well.  It looks like something someone would post in deviantART (though to be fair, it would probably have another guy and a tentacle) and it will probably add zero to either character.

In the end, it’s something best left for “Top 10 Worst Moments in…” lists at the end of every year/decade/DC reboot and move on.

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