Delays and wedding bells!

Comicdom Wrecks! has been a tad quiet lately, but this time we three writers have a valid excuse.  J.R., our Batman-loving DC-aficionado went and got himself married!  For real!

J.R. had been my roommate for the past four years, but with his ‘I do”, we parted ways and thus the Comicdom Wrecks! offices have split into branches.  Now that I have settled into my own place (complete with what Casey calls my “Nerdatorium”), I’m getting back into the swing of things and will be right back with comic blogging nonsense.  There will be a new Hangover tomorrow and the next edition of Chuck Austen’s X-Men is well underway!  Be glad YOU don’t have to re-read the Draco!

And amazingly enough, J.R. did make me the best man at his wedding and I even gave my toast without once mentioning how much I hate Chris Claremont’s dependency on mind control stories.  Go me!


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