Month: November 2011

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Arkham Asylum:  A Serious House on Serious Earth was published October 1989, and was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean.  Yes, I’m just now reading and reviewing something that came out 22 years ago.  I’ve had the book for a couple years, and just now sat down and read the story.  I thought it was a very creative story, but I’ll admit that I didn’t always understand what was going on.  But, I think that’s the point.  The story is set an insane asylum.  The sanity of everyone in the story, possibly even Batman, is to be questioned.  And so, it doesn’t exactly make sense to have a straightforward story when everyone in the story is supposed to be crazy.  Spoilers after the break.


Oh, to hell with it

Marvel is soliciting Wolverine #300 for an upcoming release.  I’m mentioning this because we here at Comicdom Wrecks! are just about finished with even trying to figure out how the hell Marvel comes up with its numbering.  Casey collects Wolverine, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really care.  J.R. is still laughing about Fantastic Four jumping numbers by including F.F. while that book is still ongoing.

I’m sure this one is a simple matter so someone can chime in and make me look foolish.  I’m just going to throw my hands up and not mention any numbering gimmick again.  Until the next issue of The Twelve is finally released, that is.