Oh, to hell with it

Marvel is soliciting Wolverine #300 for an upcoming release.  I’m mentioning this because we here at Comicdom Wrecks! are just about finished with even trying to figure out how the hell Marvel comes up with its numbering.  Casey collects Wolverine, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really care.  J.R. is still laughing about Fantastic Four jumping numbers by including F.F. while that book is still ongoing.

I’m sure this one is a simple matter so someone can chime in and make me look foolish.  I’m just going to throw my hands up and not mention any numbering gimmick again.  Until the next issue of The Twelve is finally released, that is.



  1. I’ve always found this obsession with the number on the comic a bit peculiar.

    Probably because the comics I read as a kid always restarted the numbering from #1 every new year, so there was not much to get attached to.


  2. Let’s see…

    Wolverine Volume 1 was a four issue mini series that came out in 1982. The proper ongoing began six years later with Volume 2 and ran for 189 issues until it was relaunched with a new #1 in 2003. That featured Wolverine as the title character for 74 issues until his son Daken took over the book during Dark Reign, continuing with the original numbering. That was ended with issue 90 and each character got their own new #1. That leads us to Volume 4 which just released issue #18 last week. And #300 is solicited for January, which is three months away, so three more issues. So: 4+189+90+21= 304.

    So I guess if you discount the original mini series (which pretty much everybody lists as Volume 1 of all the series simply titled Wolverine) then the math checks out. January’s issue will either be the 300th or 304th Wolverine book depending on how you look at it, which is close enough to not really matter.


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