Random Speculation? It’s Coming

I found the preceding image on the Robot 6, and had to comment.  I love Marvel teases as much as anyone that doesn’t actually buy any Marvel comics can, so some random speculation is in order.  (Although I have read the X-books since Messiah Complex, even though I’m behind on the Regenesis.)  Now, I’m not talking about speculating that it has something to do with Hope Summers or Jean Grey.  That’s not random at all.

  • The Phoenix Force comes and reboots, I mean destroys the 616 universe, and rebuilds it as it, or its host see fit.  If this were to happen, I don’t think I could stop laughing for some time.
  • I saw a panel from the Point One comic that was released that showed what is believed to be the Phoenix Force flying through space.  However, this was one was blue and not the traditional red.  Perhaps this wasn’t the Phoenix Force and is really the Dove Force, and it is going to inhabit someone in order to fight the Phoenix.
  • The Phoenix doesn’t inhabit Hope, or bring back Jean Grey, but instead, it inhabits Cyclops.  With this new power, Cyclops sets out to create a world that is safe for mutants.  Wolverine feels that he’s the only one that can stop him, and we get closer to how X-Men:  The Last Stand should have ended.  Unfortunately, Wolverine is still part of the equation, but this time it makes sense.
  • What appears to be the Phoenix is actually the spirit of Johnny Storm (even if he was resurrected in Fantastic Four #600).  Unfortunately, heroes are not ones to avoid the simple misunderstanding battle, and they attack and kill Johnny Storm again.  Reed Richards, trying to stop things, finally creates a device that ends the universe.  Thankfully, Franklin Richards has moved beyond simple living on this plane of reality and is able to recreate the universe.  Sure, this doesn’t really include the X-Men, but that’s the bait and switch.

What I don’t want to see is that whatever the Phoenix Force does reunites the two X-factions.  I think bringing them back together this quickly would be a huge waste of time.  Please add your own hopes/fears/random thoughts in the comments section.

While random speculation is fun, we’ll find out more actual information about what this event is on Wednesday afternoon.

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