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This month’s featured web comic is titled “SAGA,” and comes from Close Call Comics.  Writing and art credits for the comic were not listed anywhere on the site, but the characters were the property of Maxime Garbarini.  So, let’s assume that is who is responsible for the comic.  There are currently 59 entries in Season 1, and I went through all of them.

The story is set during World War 2, and is about a group of people that have gained super-powers from an electromagnetic phenomenon in the Himalayas.  An English scientist, after discovering that his kids have powers, tries to discover others with abilities so that my may examine them.  We later find out that the Nazis are also trying to find these people with powers, after they kidnap the English scientists wife and kids.  There of course are more details to the story, but that’s the gist of things.

First off, what’s good about this comic, the art.  I was actually surprised by how good the art is.  It reminded me a little bit of Frank Quietly.  Each character has their own unique look, and is easily recognizable.  Unfortunately, that’s is about all I found to be good with with comic.  The story is often a disjointed mess.  For the first 34 episodes, every odd episode was some bit of information (stuff you see as bonus material in comic books) or a random shot of some scenery, and every even page was a page of story.  On the story pages, they would have a panel at the top of the page, the title, and then the rest of the panels.  However, the title appeared with the normal webpage background, so it took me several pages to realize that I had actually been skipping the first panel of most of the story pages.  And with those story pages, it wasn’t until episode 36 that one story page started where the previous page left off.  This made it very difficult to follow the story, and grow attached to the characters.  And since I wasn’t attached to the characters, I didn’t really feel anything for them when they were put in danger.  Also not helping matters is that I think this a French comic that has been translated into English, that is sometimes a very rough translation.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend reading this web comic.



  1. hey there,
    thank you so much for taking the time to read our webcomic and to write such an insightful review of it.
    the points you raised are totally valid and we are right now working on improving the readability of the whole story, by rearranging some elements of the website. the uneven pages were indeed created as some sort of teaser-like bonus to get a glimpse or what was going to happen in the next page of story. I understand that when one read the whole story straight, these pages can seem a bit odd. we are also working on that.
    About the translation, as you noticed, we sometimes lack some idioms or vocabulary to make the dialogs sound more natural. we recently add a professional proofreader/writer on our team so hopefully this too will improve the quality of our pages.
    and I want to personally thank you for comment on the art, I am indeed the creator/author/artist and being compared to someone as talented as mr Quitely is really, really awesome.
    also I hope you got to enjoy our other contents (character profiles, short stories, bonuses)
    thank you again for all your comments, every criticism, especially negative ones, can help us get better ourselves.


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