If continuity issues bugged me…

…then I would be really upset about Steel showing up in Action Comics #4.  And here’s why.

So, Action Comics is currently telling a “beginning” story for Superman, whereas the Superman title is “current” day.  So, with Steel showing up at the beginning, it means he doesn’t show up when Superman died.  Now, that may mean that Superman never died.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  Since Green Lantern did not divert from the path it was on before the relaunch, it should be safe to assume that everything in it’s past is safe, especially the stuff written by Geoff Johns.  Well, when Johns started writing Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was the Spectre.  He became the Spectre after getting killed while he was Paralax.  He became Paralax because he went crazy after Mongul destroyed Coast City during the Reign of the Supermen.  The reign happened because Superman died.  See?  There’s an issue there.

Granted, there are a couple easy ways to fix it.  Say Superman still died, and Steel put the “S” shield on his armor as a tribute.  Or, you can say Mongul destroyed Coast City on his own for some other reason.  But the question of what happened remains unanswered.  And if continuity issues bugged me, this would really bug me.

However, I wouldn’t be sad if the New 52 wiped this from existence.


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