The convention to end all other conventions

Have you gone to a comic book convention and thought, “I wish this was all centered around Grant Morrison”?  Well, sit down (you should be sitting anyways) because your wish is about to come true.  Isotope Comics, iFanboy, and Grant Morrison are teaming up to bring you MorrisonCon.  I’ll do a paragraph break to give you time to come down from the emotional high you just had.

The only details announced so far is that it will happen sometime in the Fall, and will have 9 “hand picked, comic creator superstars.”  What are the odds that one of those creators will be Frank Quietly?  Oh, and maybe the guy from My Chemical Romance that wrote the Umbrella Academy (good book, check it out).  And while it doesn’t say where it will be held, I’m assuming it will be in San Francisco, since that is where Isotope Comics is located.

Now, I love Morrison as much as the next guy, perhaps more than, but this seems a bit over the top.  I was going to say it was egotistical, but that would be accusing Morrison of approaching the other two partners about setting this up.  Although, if this convention is going to include some workshops/master class type things with lectures from Morrison and the comic creator superstars, then it could be a good convention.  Guess we’ll see.


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