Science time with Marvel

Marvel has just released the following teaser image for their upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men event.

My first thought was “shouldn’t this be a very short fight?”  But then I thought maybe Iron Man’s suit was made from a non-metallic metal.  I tried to go to Wikipedia to see if the material that his armor was made from was listed there, but then I started reading about his current Bleeding Edge armor, and went a bit cross-eyed.  So, I’m turning to you Iron Man readers.  What is Stark’s current, or maybe last few suits made from, and is it a metal that Magneto wouldn’t be able to just rip apart with a thought?


  1. I guess I ignored the “It’s Coming” because I’d already made fun of the “It’s Coming” back with the initial teaser images a month ago that included the Phoenix Force. And how could anyone not care? This is THE X-Men event they’ve been talking about. All of the “Architects” will be working on it. It’s going to have heroes fighting heroes. We haven’t seen that since Civil War. It’s going to be Bendis’ end on the Avengers. It’s going to be epic, man. FIGHTING AND EXPLOSIONNNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


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