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This month it is the top 5 movies with Marvel characters.  Yes, I might be overly specific, but saying just ‘Marvel movies’ could imply just those done by Marvel Studios.  So deal with it.

5. Thor

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I sat down to watch this movie, but I enjoyed it so much that I have no problem with repeated viewings.  Director Kenneth Branagh (Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter 2) did an excellent job in giving Asgard this other-worldly feel, while still making the scenes on Earth seem very real.  Chris Hemsworth’s acting made the movie.  He had the arrogant, over-confident demeanor you’d expect from Thor, but when the time came for Thor to humbled, he was also able to pull that off.
4. Spider-man

There are probably many that would argue that the second movie is better, but I disagree.  There’s a reason written below the list.  The origin story was well done, and it was enjoyable watching Peter Parker discover his newfound abilities.  Willem Dafoe made a great Norman Osborn, and his descent into madness was well done.  Of course, Dafoe could be reading the phone book and his descent into madness would be obvious.  And just thinking about it now, it would be great to see an Avengers movie based on Dark Reign with him in it.
3. X2:  X-Men United

For a while, Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies set the standard in how to make an excellent superhero movie, with X2 being the better of the two.  The acting and characterizations were spot on.  The team-up of the X-men with the Brotherhood was well done.  Singer was able to take these known villains, and team them up with the heroes while not losing any of their villainocity. This movie had me excited about what Singer would include in the third movie.  Unfortunately, it never came.
2. Iron Man

The success of this movie is what allowed Marvel Studios to continue on its grand scheme to The Avengers movie.  How do you convince audiences to see a movie about one of the lesser known outside of comic book circles heroes?  Apparently by convincing an actor that needs to fix his image.  Robert Downey, Jr. was the perfect person to play the part of Tony Stark.  He was the real life version of Tony Stark.
1. X-Men:  First Class

When I started thinking about this list, I really questioned if this should actually be at the top or not, and I started thinking about how much of a risk this movie took.  Think about the pitch for the movie.  It’s going to be a period piece about the X-Men, but it’s not going to have many recognizable or known characters in it, and even the ones that people do know the names of aren’t going to appear how most people know them.  And we also may piss of the hardcore fans because we are calling this movie “First Class,” but we’re only using one actual mutant that was there at the beginning.  But somehow, in the midst of all of that risk was an extraordinary movie that had great acting, great character moments, and enjoyable action sequences.


My next 5, otherwise know as honorable mentions, would go to X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man 2, Spider-man 2, and The Incredible Hulk.

The more I think about Spider-man 2, the less I like it.  It all has to do with the villain.  I generally don’t like sympathetic villains, and it takes a lot of work for me to accept them.  Take Two-Face for example.  Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight) tried to fight corruption in Gotham City, and when his girlfriend is threatened, he teeters on the verge of torture and threatens murder to get information.  He often toyed with chance with his double-sided coin.  But when his girlfriend dies and he is scarred, his belief in justice is changed to him believing that justice is all a matter of chance.  He still uses his coin, but since it has been marred also, it has two distinct sides, and he is no longer able to control the outcome.  In short, his quest for justice continues, but his view has been harmed.  Doctor Octopus is shown before the accident to be a nice scientist.  But after the accident, he begins a life of crime because he’s driven crazy because the robotic arms are talking to him.  Where the hell did that come from?  And then, when things look at their worst, he saves the day?  I don’t buy it.  And that is why Spider-man 2 isn’t very high on this list.


One comment

  1. In the comics, Doc Ock was driven mad by being stuck with the arms fused to him, with the speaking to them becoming a symptom of the madness. It’s a much more realistic view of the character, but of course for the movie they had to put an unnecessary step of an AI in the arms and a mental chip.

    Likewise was the case with my huge issue with Spider-Man 2 – the Spider-Man No More! part. Peter had his life going to shit and had every reason to give up being Spider-Man. They didn’t need to add him losing his powers and needing glasses again. That bit went away as soon as he decided to put the costume on again. It just seemed like it ruined the part with too much detail.

    I agree with you completely that Spider-Man 2 is definitely inferior to the first…though I still did enjoy it.


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