DC’s New Logo

Today, DC Entertainment released a new corporate logo, along with new logos for the comics. The announcement touts the logos as playing on the concepts of secret identities that are prevalent in the DC Universe.  Also, it talks about the logo being animated, since they are thinking beyond the traditional paper comic books, and looking to digital distribution and film.  Continue after the break for more versions of the logo and more thoughts on it.

When the first logo was leaked sometime last week, I didn’t like it.  I thought it was very bland and lacked any creativity.  But I have to admit, I’m starting to like the the character specific logos.  Actually, let me take you through my thought process.  My first reaction today was negative.  Then my wife, who has some graphic design experience and is not attached to comics, saw the logos and thought they were pretty good.  Right after this, I had to run to the grocery, and was given time to think.  It was during this ride that I got to thinking, and came to the conclusion that I initially didn’t like the logos because they were different.  They weren’t the logo that’s being used and I couldn’t understand why they need to change it.  And I don’t want to be the guy that doesn’t like something only because it’s different.  So, I’m okay with this new logo, for now.  I need to see how it looks on the covers and how it’s used when animated.

However, there is still something that worries me with this announcement, and that is news that they will be re-working DC’s website to integrate all media into it, and not just comics.  This worries me because DC Comics has a wonderful website that is incredibly easy to navigate.  Please, whoever is doing this, don’t really change anything.  Just add a space for television and movies, but leave the general functionality alone.


One comment

  1. Hopefully DC’s website will become like Marvel’s and you’ll have to peruse through four years of Exiles trades to find when one issue of Moon Knight is coming out.


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