Spider-man is at it again

At the end of Marvel’s latest set of teasers, these dealing with a story in Amazing Spider-man called “Ends of the Earth,” Marvel revealed that Spider-man would be in a new costume.  See image below.

It may be that in the storyline that is currently running in Amazing Spider-man, it makes perfect sense that someone known for their agility would need to switch to bulky battle armor.  I don’t know, I don’t read Spider-man.  It just seems kinda silly to me.  Not armor made of nanites that gets absorbed into you skin silly, but silly nonetheless.  Of course, I also thought this Spider-man Stark armor looked ridiculous.  Of course, this will likely only last for a little while, before they change him back to his usual look, like they always do.

Also, I was going to just link the press release from Marvel’s website, instead of the article on Comic Book Resources.  Except I couldn’t find these teasers anywhere on Marvel’s website.  Their “Today’s News” section on the front page has something from 2/1 about Astonishing X-Men motion comic (I refuse to call it animation), an episode of “What The?” from 1/31, and five images from The Avengers movie that were posted on 1/26. Today’s news indeed.  Their comic news section didn’t even have anything about this.  If someone can find this on their site, please let me know where.  Although, I did find this little teaser.

Also, I found a variant cover for Avengers vs. X-Men #4.


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