The Walking Recap – 2/12/12 – “Nebraska”

This is a recap/review, so of course there are spoilers below.  You’ve been warned.

As you should know, the first half of season two ended with Sophia walking out of the barn with the rest of the walkers, and Rick shooting her in the head.  This episode starts at that exact moment.  As you could probably guess, this episode deals with the fallout from the incident at the barn.  Hershel is pissed off at Shane and Rick, Carol and Daryl are dealing with the realization that Sophia is dead, and there are inklings that the group is dividing along the line of who thinks Shane was right or wrong.  So, all that stuff is running through most of the episode, but the memorable things happened at the end.  Lori decides that she’s going to drive into town on her own after Daryl turns her down, ends up hitting a walker and flipping the car.  Lori was driving into town because Glen and Rick went into town, against her wishes, went to the town bar to look for Hershel after he had disappeared.  When they find him, Hershel tells them that he’s lost hope and no longer believes in miracles.  Rick starts a long discussion about life, and holding onto hope even though conditions are horrible.  As they finish up their conversation, two strangers walk into the bar.  They tell Rick about their travels, and that Fort Benny is not a safe place.  The two strangers also try to learn more about where Rick and them are living, because Hershel let it slip that there were more in their group.  Rick tells the strangers that they cannot live at the farm.  One of them reaches for his gun, and Rick shoots both of them.

Overall, I liked the episode.  I’m sure it bored a lot of people because there wasn’t a lot of zombie killing, but character development is what drives the series.  Sure, zombies jumping out and getting killed is fun, but if you do nothing but that, it’ll get old very quickly.  Yes, a nice happy medium is nice, but if you’re going to err, err on the side of character.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  There wasn’t anything in the episode that I didn’t really like, although an arm getting pulled off while transporting dead walkers was kind of weird and unnecessary.  What I really liked about the episode was the ending in the bar.  It was a really good moment for Hershel to explain what he’d been thinking and what he had been going through.  It also gave Rick a chance to show how inspirational and motivational he can be.  But also, it gave Rick a chance to show why he’s considered the leader of the group.

A more detailed list of what happened in the episode is continued after the break.

Shane accused Hershel of knowing Sophia was in the barn.

Hershel wants them off his property.

Shane calls Rick delusional.

Glenn asks Maggie if she knew about Sophia.  Talks about what will happen next.

Carl thought he’d be the one to find Sophia, but thinks Rick did the right thing in shooting her.

Group decides to bury their loved ones, but burn the rest of the walkers.

Rick doubts his leadership ability.

Carol tells Lori and Daryl that Sophia really died a long time ago.

Hershel packs up his wife’s things.

Andrea and T-Dog tell Dale and Rick that they agree with Shane’s actions.

Beth, Hershel’s daughter, faints, and Hershel is no where to be found.  The group finds an empty flask, and go to search for Hershel.

Lori and Shane question Rick going to find Hershel.

Shane cleans Carol off after finding her wondering in the woods.

Dale tells Lori that he believes Shane sacrificed Otis.

Glenn talks with Rick about Maggie telling Glenn that she loves him.

Lori asks Daryl to go look for Hershel, and he responds that he’s done looking for people.

Rick and Glenn find Hershel in the bar.

Hershel regrets not letting his people mourn the loss of their family members weeks before.

Hershel says that he was a fool for believing that miracles could happen.

Lori takes a gun and starts driving into town, but hits a walker and crashes.

Hershel wants Rick to stop telling him how to run his family.

Hershel goes on about their being no hope for any of them.

Rick tries to motivate Hershel by stating that the world hasn’t changed, and death is still death.  But now his family needs him more than ever.

Two people walk into the bar, and talk about various rumors that has led them form Philedelphia.  They tell the group that Fort Benny is overrun.  Rick tells the duo that it’s just them, but Hershel tells them that there is a larger group nearby.  One of the guys tries to get more information about where the larger group is.  Rick tells them that they can’t take in any more people.  After a bit of a conversation about what they’re supposed to do, one of the strangers goes for his gun, but Rick shoots both of them.


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