Some morning tidbits

Mark Waid is working to change how digital comics are made.  Check out the link to see his thoughts and a demonstration on his iPad about how it would work.  If you’re too lazy to click on the link, in a nutshell, he says that most digital comics that are put out today are really just scan of the print version, which aren’t really made to be viewed on computers (though I think things like iPads could display images pretty well, probably).  What he wants to do is to make comics that are meant to be viewed on the screen, using the entire screen in the process.  There’s a video that goes along with it, but to me, it looks like all it is is showing panels one or two at a time, without the option of seeing an entire page, because there isn’t an entire page.  But, I might be a bit biased, because I still prefer reading a physical copy.  And I guess the way art is done would be different if you know that focus is staying on a single panel, rather than a person looking at an entire page.

Also, did you know that Valiant is restarting X-O Manowar in May?  Neither did I.  I also didn’t know that the original X-O Manowar #0 sold 800,000 copies.  If that doesn’t scream “speculator boom,” than I don’t know what else does.  Wonder what this relaunch will sell.


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