The Walking Recap – 2/19/12 – “Triggerfinger”

This is a recap/review, so of course there are spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

We left off last week with some lines being drawn within the group between those that agree with Rick and those that agree with Shane.  Lori flipped her car while trying to go into town to get Rick, because she wasn’t patient enough to wait for him to come back.  Rick, Glenn, and Hershel ran into a couple strangers in town, but Rick killed them when they were about to become hostile.

Here are the important things to remember from this episode.  All of the details are after the break.  Lori survives her car crash, and is brought back to camp after Shane lied to her.  Rick, Glenn, and Hershel have a shootout with 3 other people, but ended up bringing one of them back to the farm, blindfolded, after he was left for dead.  Shane has told Lori that they are meant to be together.  Lori told this to Rick, and that Shane will do anything it takes to protect her to, because he thinks Rick is incapable of protecting them.  Andrea and Shane have a conversation about needing to do what is necessary in order to protect the group.

I felt that this was a better episode, and not because there was zombie killing.  The tension in this episode was very good.  Not only the scenes in town, but everything involving Shane.  This stuff with Shane is building up to the point where he is going to snap, but it’s unclear when it could happen.  However, I’m not sure how I feel about Andrea being on Shane’s side.  If feels wrong, but I guess they needed to have one of the main characters on Shane’s side, and Andrea makes sense.  Using her instead of Daryl allows to build up more tension between Shane and Dale.  That, and she is already pretty annoying.

Nighttime, a walker is trying to get into Lori’s rolled car, as she regains consciousness.

Rick, Glenn, and Hershel hide in the bar when people come outside looking to the two men Rick shot.

Lori stabs the walker in the eye with something, but as she is walking away from the car, another walker surprises her.  She’s able to get away from this one, find her gun, and shoots it in the head.

The group is about to eat dinner when they realize that Lori is missing.

Rick, Glenn, and Hershel were about to leave out the back of the bar, when they heard shots fired.  The others were about to come into the bar, but Glenn blocked the door.  Eventually, Rick responds to the others, saying they their friends drew on them first.  The others opened fire on them.

Carol is unhappy Daryl didn’t tell anyone that Lori likely left.

Shane drives off to look for Lori.

Rick tries to reason with the others.  Glenn goes to check out the back of the bar, hears the others outside the door, and fires at them.

Shane finds Lori’s car, but not Lori.

Glenn tries to get to their car, but someone shoots at him.  Hershel shoots the shooter.  Rick checks on Glenn, and finds him taking cover behind a dumpster.  One of the others leaves his two friends behind because there are too many walkers swarming the area.  Glenn and Hershel want to leave, but Rick wants to help one of the others that were left behind because his leg is impaled on a spike.  Hershel and Rick try to remove his leg, but are swarmed by walkers.  Out of time, Rick tears the man’s leg up off of the spike.

Shane finds Lori walking down the road.  He tells Lori that Rick is back at the camp in order to get her to come back with him.

Carol checks up on Daryl, but he says some very mean things to her.

Lori and Shane get back to the camp, where she finds out that Shane lied to her.  Shane lets slip to everyone that Lori is pregnant.

Lori talks to Carl a bit about the baby, but Shane interrupts them.  He wants to have a private conversation with Lori.  Lori is tired of Shane lying to her, and asks Shane about what happened to Otis.  Lori tells Shane that she told Rick about the two of them.  Shane’s not happy about that, and tells her that what they had was real.

Maggie and Andrea check in on Beth, who is still comatose.  Maggie reminisces about a humorous time her sister (Beth) found her birth control pills, and freaks out.

Shane and Daryl prepare to head out.  Dale tries to tell Andrea that Shane isn’t a good person, but she believes he’s done more for the group than anyone.  Before they can head out, Rick, Glenn, and Hershel return.  Randal, the other guy they saved, is in the backseat, blindfolded.

Shane is unhappy that they brought back someone, even though they took precautions to make sure Randal doesn’t know where they are.  Hershel tells Shane that this is his farm, and he needs to shut up.

Glenn tells Maggie that he froze when faced with danger, and it’s because Maggie told him that she loves him.  He said that when he was shot at, he hid because he didn’t want her to deal with his death.

Hershel checks in on Beth, and Maggie yells at him for leaving to drink.

Andrea tells Shane that he is making the right calls, but his presentation needs to be improved.  Shane tells Andrea that healing this kid is only going to allow him to find his friends, lead them to the farm, and start a war.

Lori tells Rick that Shane thinks the baby is his, but Lori tells Rick that the baby is his (Rick’s).  She also tells Rick that Shane’s dangerous, and that she believes that he killed Otis.  Rick tells Lori about what happened in the bar.  Killed the living to protect her.  Lori tells Rick that Shane thinks she is his, and that he thinks Rick is unable to protect them.

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