End of Ages (of Apocalypse)

Man, this hurts to admit, but it’s been 17 years since the original Age of Apocalypse story.  The story’s driving himself to his senior year of high school now.  When it first happened, the AoA was a neat four-month jaunt that was a hell of a lot of fun.  But since its conclusion, Marvel really hasn’t known what to do with it.  They pulled a couple characters through at its conclusion, most notably Nate Grey, now appearing in New Mutants.  Occasionally the period gets some revisits, mainly for anniversary purposes.

But now, 17 years after the fact, Marvel is launching an ongoing Age of Apocalypse series.  Without anything that you might possibly have liked about the AoA.  You see, this isn’t the Age of Apocalypse that you knew back when Bishop was trying to undo the death of Charles Xavier at the hands of Legion.  No, that ship has sailed.  In fact, none of the remnants of any of the eight titles and two add-ons left have made it to this ongoing.  To put it in more solid terms, here:

Click for larger image.

The Age of Apocalypse was a story created to put the familiar characters of the X-World into unfamiliar situations.  The appeal was seeing these characters in a new light.  It was neat, sure, but very limited in that eventually you haved to undo it because the interest wears off.  Personally, I never got into the various revisits to the AoA because I felt that X-Men: Omega wrapped the whole deal up so well.  The timeline was fixed and even if it wasn’t, Jean Grey’s death at the hands of Havok meant that all the X-Men would get killed by nukes anyway.  A crappy end for a crappy world.

But this series is expecting you to come back to the world of the Age of Apocalypse, only without the Magneto-led X-Men that defined the original.  Because the intro issue killed off both Magneto and his wife Rogue.  So you’re left with various mutant-hating human characters (Trasks, Strykers, etc) along with de-powered Sabretooth and Jean Grey fighting Wolverine, who is now Apocalypse.  That’s your premise.

This series will not last 12 issues, mark my words.  And with it goes the final thralls of the Age of Apocalypse.  And good riddance, I say.  It should have been laid to rest when the original story ended in 1996.


  1. i was a huge fan of the original aoa and i like this new one as well i think even though they killed alot of the main stars i like the new non mutant team x-specialy horror show but i hope it last awhile and i fully disagree with you


    • That’s cool. I’m glad that the book’s got an audience. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it, and I’ve been thinking about giving it a look. I just wasn’t impressed with the launch.


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