The Walking Recap – 2/26/12 – “18 Miles Out”

When we last left out merry band of survivors, there was much turmoil within the camp.  Shane was quite upset that Rick and Hershel had brought an injured person back to the farm, even though he was blindfolded.

This episode definitely upped the zombie killing action.  Which is good, because the previews for next week’s episode makes it seem like there won’t be many zombies.  But that’s next week.  Let’s talk about this week.  Finally, Rick and Shane come to blows, but then everything is okay.  Or, everything seems to be okay for now.  I’m not entirely certain if I like what’s going on with this Randal character.  Part of me likes the conundrum that he represents.  But, part of me doesn’t think that there really is much of a conundrum at all.  He began as an enemy, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal at all to just leave him to die.  But Rick showed his good side in bringing him back.  But now he knows that this guy knows Maggie, and can find the farm anyways.  So, now Rick is forced to consider killing him.  It just seems like the writers are really reaching for situations to put the characters in while they are at the farm.

The other focus of the episode was on Beth.  Which was a rehash of what Andrea went through.  And Andrea doesn’t really make sense here.  She didn’t try to die, and come through it knowing that she really wanted to live.  If it wasn’t for Dale, she would have gladly died in the CDC explosion at the end of Season 1.  But man, Andrea is such a bitch.  It’s like they’re trying to desperately find someone else to be an antagonist so that Shane is not the only one.

But even with my complaints, I still enjoyed this episode.  I do think it was better to focus on just a couple storylines, than trying to have something going on for every single character.

More detailed breakdown of the events in this episode are below the break.

Rick and Shane are taking Randal out, and Rick stops to talk to Shane.  Rick tells Shane he heard about what happened at the school.  Shane admits to it, saying it was to save Carl.  Shane tells him you can’t expect to be the good guy and live.  Rick tells Shane that Lori is his wife, Carl is his son, and the baby is his.  Rick goes on to tell Shane that the only way they can continue is for Shane to move on from her.  Shane tells Rick about how things began, and that they are what kept him alive.

Maggie talks to Lori about what Shane told her when they got back.

Rick talks about what they need to do in the future, like using more knives to kill single walkers, and maybe the winter will slow them down a bit.

Shane asks Rick why he’s going more than the planned 18 miles to drop off the kid.  Rick wants to give him a fair chance.  They stop at a public works building.  They find a few walkers on the other side of a fence, Rick stops Shane from shooting them, instead stabbing them in the head.  Shane examines the two walkers, and doesn’t see any bites on them.  They decide it must have been scratches that got them.

Lori tries to convince Beth that there is still a point to living.  She then discovers that Beth tried to hide a steak knife.

Rick and Shane leave the kid, still bound, but leave a knife with him.  Randal tries to convince Rick and Shane to keep him by saying he went to school with Maggie.  Shane tries to shoot Randal, but Rick hits him, causing the shot to be wide.  Shane can’t believe that Rick wants to bring him back to the farm to think about it.  Shane questions Rick’s ability to keep Lori and them safe, and Rick takes a swing at him.  They get into a fight.  At the end of the fight, Shane throws a large wrench at Rick, but it goes through the window of a building.  This wakes up the group of walkers that were inside and they come outside.

Maggie gets on Beth for wanting to commit suicide.  They end up yelling at each other while Andrea and Lori wait outside.  Andrea says that Lori shouldn’t have taken the knife away.  Lori questions how much Andrea contributes to the group.  Andrea tells Lori that she takes everything for granted because she hasn’t really lost anyone.

For a moment, Rick gets trapped under a few walkers, after shooting them in the head.

Beth tells Maggie that they should commit suicide together, because there is no reason to wait until the farm is overrun.  Beth says she wants to go tonight, in her own bed, with Maggie beside her.

Shane tries to take refuge from the walkers in a school but.

Andrea tells Maggie that she will sit with Beth, and let Maggie get some air.  Andrea tells Beth that the pain doesn’t go away, and leaves her alone.

Rick catches up with Randal, who tries to get him to abandon Shane.  Shane sees them leaving the gate.

Maggie comes back to Beth’s room to find that Beth isn’t in there.  Beth was locked in the bathroom.  Lori pries the door open, and they find Beth crying after she had slit her wrist.

Rick tells Randal to stay put.  Shane was trying to stab walkers through the door, but loses his knife.  He then sees Rick hanging out of the passenger window of the car shooting at walkers, while Randal drives.  Shane runs out the back of the bus, and gets into the car.

Maggie is angry at Andrea for leaving Beth alone.  Andrea said that Beth needed to find out for herself if she wanted to live or not.  Since she didn’t cut herself very deep, it means that she wants to live and now she knows it.  Lori tells Maggie that Andrea is right.

They drive out to the countryside, and blindfold Randal again.  Rick admits that they probably are going to have to kill him, but he still wants to think about it that night because it shouldn’t be easy to decide to kill someone.  Rick tells Shane that if he wants to stay with him, then he’s going to have to learn to follow his lead.


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