Panel of the month

The featured panel for the month of February comes from X-Factor #232 (written by Peter David, art by Emanuela Lupacchino).

Context after the break.

The relationship between Jamie Madrox and Layla Miller is something that has been building since the very beginning of the series.  It became possible when Layla pulled Jamie into the future and the two shared their first kiss, but since that point the relationship between the two has been hesitant.  Any fan reading X-Factor knew that Jamie and Layla wanted each other.  We all wanted them to have each other.

Jamie just had to die to make it happen.

Layla’s mutant ability to revive the dead did not work on Madrox when she tried so she reasoned (in her Layla Miller-esque way) that something would eventually lead to Jamie’s return so she kept his body on ice and kept silent watch over it despite the comments of her teammates.  Once Jamie finally found his way back home, it was Layla who pulled him out and thus.

This rings particularly special to me because Layla’s dialogue (shown below) suggests that there will be something further in the Madrox/Layla relationship.  And this I like.


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