DC’s New Website

As part of some marketing thing, or something, DC revamped their website.  As I have mentioned before, I loved DC’s old website.  It was just really easy to use.  So, I was worried when they said they were rebuilding it.  After checking out this new site, me fears were warranted.  It’s a mess.  It’s like someone looked at Marvel’s site, thought it was the best thing ever created, and wanted to come close to copying it.

What I liked about the old format was that it was simple.  They had some featured stories and some blog headlines on the front page, but all of their sections were nicely listed on the left hand side.  Now, it’s just a mess.  It’s too cluttered with pictures, twitter feeds, and Facebook information.  I’m of the belief that simple is better.  When a person visits your website, they shouldn’t have to do a lot of scrolling on the front page (unless it’s a news website or blog).  This allows the user to easily find what they are looking for, and go to that section.

Their upcoming comics section also doesn’t work.  Before, you clicked on the month and date, then saw a list of the comics that come out that week.  Now, you click on a date, and see the covers for everything that comes out on or after that date.  It’s another example where having all of the covers showing just clutters it up.

So, I wish they would have just left the website alone.  But, I’ll learn to use it.  I’ve gotten the hang of Marvel’s site, after all.

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