500th post…and an announcement

WordPress has informed me that my fascination with Heroes Reborn Vision’s gigantic robo-package was our 499th post here on Comicdom Wrecks!.  That means that this one right here is our 500th post.  500…that’s like 50 10th posts.  Wow.

I started this blog on November 26, 2006 over on Blogspot as a way to get my thoughts on comics out to some of my friends who I didn’t have time to physically talk to.  On August 22, 2007, I welcomed Casey on board as co-writer, just one week before his 25th birthday.  Just two months later, on October 10th, J.R. came on board.  Since that point, we three have gone on hiatus, restarted the site, and here we are with 500 posts in just over 5 years.  J.R. has really stepped the site up, getting me going again, and hopefully we’ll get Casey’s butt in gear and we three will be moving again.  Trust me – it will not take another five years to get to post 1000.

But also, I’d like to make an announcement.  If you’ve visited the physical site, you might have noticed the logo of The Zone Comic Shop on the banner and in the side panel.  It is with great exuberance that I announce on this 500th post that we have entered into a sort of partnership with the Zone, Louisville’s best comic shop.  And I’m not simply shilling because I’m down with the owner.  I’ve been shopping at the Zone since I was playing Overpower and desperately wondering the true identity of Onslaught (SPOILER – it was Professor X).  I’ve shopped there for my comic fix through four different locations throughout the St. Matthews area of Louisville.

A few years ago, Daniel Thompson bought the Zone and turned it into one of my favorite places in the city to be.  Dan and his goons staff are always fun to talk to and take care to know all the people that shop in their store.  Being a customer at the Zone makes you feel like you are a part of the store yourself.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  Casey, J.R. and I buy all of our monthly titles there as regular holds customers.

A couple months ago I mentioned in passing to Dan that J.R. and I were working on something for our blog (this one, duh) and he got excited.  He brought up to us the possibility of uniting our blog with the Zone, giving the store a voice on the Interwebs.  All three of us were excited about the idea and agreed, and thus Comicdom Wrecks! became affiliated with the Zone.

So what’s that mean for the blog you’ve been reading?  Nothing’s going to change.  We’re still the irreverent goofs that we’ve always been and we’ll still continue with our reviews, thoughts, Austen-bashing and Liefeld taunting for the future and beyond.  Dan has access to the blog and he’s welcome to chime in on anything he wants to, as are his staff.  For events and sales, E-bay auctions or special events, we might be posting that too.  It’s an exciting time for us here at Comicdom Wrecks!.

So thank you for reading this dorky little blog.  Here’s to the next 500 entries and beyond!


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