DC Nation 3/10/12

Welcome to the debut of my DC Nation recap/review.  This post should have started on the 3rd, but due to some storms, my power was knocked out for a few days.  But all that is in the past.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is the second part of “Beware My Power,” where Green Lanterns deal with the emergence of Red Lanterns.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Coldhearted,” where Kid Flash has to make a medical delivery while the team helps the Justice League in taking out ice fortresses.  The short segments include someone testing a real Batarang, a new Teen Titans Go segment, and Superman of Tokyo.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Beware My Power…Part 2”
Hal Jordan and Kilowog were catching the Guardians on what the Red Lanterns were, when there ship came across a probe for the Red Lanterns.  The Green Lanterns are able to destroy it in their ship, try to head back to headquarters, but their ship is too damaged to return.  So, they head to the home colony of Shyir Rev, because he is too injured to continue.  Atrocitus gets on Zilious Zox and Razer about not killing the three Green Lanterns, but they form their plan to do so.  At Shyir’s home, Shyir gets patched up, but the Red Lanterns put a tracking device on their ship.  A ship from the Red Lanterns arrives, and an image from Atrocitus appears, demanding that the Green Lanterns be handed over.  While Jordan physically engages Atrocitus and Zilious, Kilowog and Shyir try to shutdown the device that will destroy the planet.  Atrocitus gets the best of Hal, but has to leave before finishing him off.  Shyir and Kilowog are unsuccessful with stopping the bomb, but Shyir tries to delay the explosion long enough for Kilowog to evacuate everyone.  Hal, chasing off after Atrocitus in space, turns around to find the planet exploding.  Hal fights Razer, and takes his red ring.  Kilowog comes up behind him with most of the colonists.

Young Justice – “Coldhearted”
November 11.  Today is Wally West’s birthday.  The team throws him a surprise party in Mount Justice.  Wally is trying to get a kiss from Miss Martian, but is told that she is dating Superboy.  Batman tells them that he needs their help to take out floating ice fortresses that are causing the winter weather.  Kid Flash is unhappy that in the first ever League/Team team-up, he’s relegated to delivering a heart cross country for a transplant.  During the trip, Kid Flash checks in on how the team is doing.  In North Dakota, Vandal Savage takes out some cops in order to get Kid Flash to stop running.  Kid Flash engages Vandal Savage, but is reminded that he has a mission to do, and starts his trip again.  Savage looked at his pocket watch and comments that that should be enough.  Kid Flash gets to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare, but the attendant outside tells him that the patient died 12 minutes ago.  Kid Flash is despairing about not making it in time, when doctors rush out asking where the heart for Queen Perdita is.  He then realizes that he’s been conned.  He gets the heart back, but is stopped by Count Vertigo.  It’s revealed that everything was set up to stop the Queen from getting a new heart.  Kid Flash gets the heart to the doctors, but then collapses.  On the news, we’re told that Perdita died.  November 12.  Kid Flash wakes up in the hospital with King Vertigo standing over him.  Vertigo tells him his plan, but Flash shows that Perdita is still alive in the bed next to him, and this was a set up.  Perdita gives Kid Flash the Count’s sword as a reward.  Batman talks to Hugo Strange about who he thinks created the ice machines, but Strange tells him that they were all in their cells the entire time.

Short segments

  • Someone created a real Batarang to test out, and it seemed to work pretty well.
  • New Teen Titans.  Beast Boy was washing his uniform, and found that he accidentally also washed Robin’s utility belt.  They answer an emergency call and find Dr. Light doing something to the sun.  Robin tries to throw something at Dr. Light, but only finds a banana, a frisbee (which Beast Boy catches), and toful.  Robin throws the tofu, and it knocks out Dr. Light’s equipment.
  • Superman of Tokyo.  Baby Kenta is left with a babysitter when a Superman crashes through the ceiling.  He says that the baby shall inherit his power by wearing the cape as a diaper.  The baby then becomes Superman of Tokyo, while still having the mentality of a baby.

I’ve heard some complaints about the animation style of Green Lantern, but I don’t think it’s that bad.  No, it’s not nearly as good as Star Wars:  The Clone Wars, but it doesn’t look like Beast Wars either.  It’s good enough.  My major complaint was that the Green Lanterns were flying around in a ship.  That’s not something that a Green Lantern does.  Abin Sur is mocked by Sinestro for choosing to fly around in a ship, rather than just using his ring.  I also don’t really like that they are two episodes in, and someone has already sacrificed themselves to save everyone.  And it was a pretty meaningless sacrifice.  I mean, couldn’t Shyir and Kilowog just take turns blocking the detonation laser with with constructs while the other rested, or better yet, kept trying to disarm the bomb.  And they are already going with the “hot-headed Hal harms people” theme.  To me, it’s a bit too soon.

I hadn’t seen any of Young Justice  before this, apparently they are midway through season 1, which has been going on for over a year.  Generally, I liked this episode.  I’ll still always wish that this was a direct adaptation of the Peter David series, but alas, it is not.  Since this was mainly a Kid Flash (Wally West) story, I still need to learn more about the roster.  I do think the choice of Wally as the Flash was an odd choice, especially since Wally was the Flash in the older Justice League cartoon.  I’m not sure which Robin this is.  I assumed it would be Tim Drake, because this team is essentially the Teen Titans team, well, what they were when the show started.  But also, Zatanna is a new member of the team.  So there’s that.  But I enjoyed this episode, so I have hope.

The shorts were alright.  I read an article where the author complained that there were not enough of them, and the only ones there were ones that he’d already seen because they released them before the airing.  To that I say, too bad.  If you’re going to watch stuff, knowing that this is what is going to be aired, then don’t complain because you only see those shorts during the programming.  But anyways, it was nice to have the Teen Titans voices for the Teen Titans short.  It was quite funny.  I cannot accurately describe how odd the Superman of Tokyo was, so you should look it up online.

Oh yeah, I also liked how the new logo was used.  See you next week.


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