Top 5

Today’s Top 5 list is the top 5 DC stories I’d like to see adapted into animated movies.  It should be noted that I am only drawing upon stories that I myself have read.  If I haven’t read it, then I can’t really say if it’s good or not.  If you have your own suggestions, then please leave them in the comments.

5. Superman and the Legion of Superheroes

First, this Geoff Johns written story was a really good story.  Secondly, I think this story would be a good way of introducing the Legion of Superheroes to a wider audience, and opening the possibility of doing a Legion story down the road.  Having not read any Legion titles, I’m not sure what stories they could be.  I also know that there are several different iterations of the Legion.  However, this story and any other stories could be adapted with a particular Legion line-up in mind.  But this story is a good way of introducing their history and their connection to Superman.
4. Batman:  Prodigal

This is the story that happens after the Knightsend volume of Knightfall.  In this story, Bruce Wayne realizes that it was a mistake to make Jean Paul Valley his replacement (duh), and has Dick Grayson fill in for him until he is fully healed from his broken back.  (Sound kind of familiar?)  The potential in this story lies in exploring the emotional impact and difficulties of trying to fill in or replace someone that was not only a mentor and a father figure, but also someone that so many people in the city depend upon.
3. 52

No, I don’t think they should adapt the entire series.  That would be impossible.  However, any of the stories that make up 52 would make a good movie.  My personal vote would be for the Booster Gold/Supernova story.  But, Warner Bros. and DC are weary about using lesser known characters.  With that in mind, the Steel story would also work.  Lex Luthor is the villain of the story, and you could market it as being a Luthor story as much as a Steel story.
2. Sinestro Corps War

This story seems like it would be choice to be made into a movie, which is why I don’t actually expect it to become one of the animated features.  I expect this story to be the basic plot to Green Lantern 2, assuming it ever gets made.  With that being said, I’d rather that it be an animated feature for one reason.  If it’s an animated feature and not a live action feature, I know we’d get the entire Sinestro Corps involved, and not just him.  I fear a live action movie would have just him fighting the Green Lantern Corps, for fear that movie audiences would think too much computer animation was used if they brought in his entire corps.  Yes, that was a complaint I saw in several reviews, among other things.
1. Kingdom Come

This is my all-time favorite story.  I was introduced to this story very early in my comic buying days, and it blew me away.  At its core, Kingdom Come is a story about learning to adapt your life when society has passed you by.  Nothing good ever happens when you choose to deal with it by getting angry and secluding yourself away.  Though, I’m not certain how they would adapt the art.  With these movies, the animators do their best to make the movie look like the comic, but I imagine it may be difficult to adapt the painted style of Alex Ross.

Honorable Mention: The Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, Formerly Known as the Justice League, Superman and Son, and Villains United


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