The Walking Recap – 3/11/12 – “Better Angels”

We last left our group of bereft survivors dealing with the death of another companion, and still trying to decide the fate of their prisoner.  Be warned, spoilers lie ahead.  Seriously, don’t keep reading if you don’t want things spoiled for you.  I’m actually still typing in this opening paragraph so that when I post this link to Facebook, spoilers from last week’s episode don’t show up.  That’s how much I care about not spoiling things for people that haven’t had a chance to see it yet.  So, we should be good on Facebook.  Now, if you’re on the blog now, turn back, this is your last warning.

As expected, a portion of this episode was spent dealing with Dale’s death, but not as much as I was expecting.  More of the episode dealt with setting up the next character death.  So, we did get a funeral for Dale, and there was an emotional moment when Andrea and Glenn tried to get the RV running in order to movie it closer to the house.  Oh, Carl also confessed that he had seen the walker that got Dale, but no one was upset that he ran off by himself and then led a walker back to the farm.  Seriously, there were no consequences.  No, you need to think before you act.  No, you need to alert the group if you think there might be trouble.  Just a couple, it’s not your faults, and people are going to die eventually.  So, not only did Dale get randomly killed off, but it was also a meaningless death.  Hell, if they wanted just kill Dale, they could have had Shane do it.  At least that would have meant something story-wise, and help up us get to the events of this week.

I’m just going to come right out and say it.  Rick killed Shane.  Of course, Shane was going to kill Rick.  Here’s how it went down.  Rick was going to take Dayrl with him to release Randall far away.  Rick didn’t want Shane with him for obvious reasons (they nearly killed each other last time, if it wasn’t obvious).  Of course, Shane feels slighted.  While no one is looking, he takes Randal out into the woods.  Long story short, Shane breaks his neck, and then breaks his own nose on a tree.  Shane comes back, says Randall jumped him, stole his gun, and ran off.  Dayrl is already doubting Shane’s story when he and Glenn take a different route then Shane and Rick.  Later, Dayrl finds Randall with a broken neck, but right now, that is unimportant.  Eventually, Shane and Rick come to a clearing, and Shane draws his gun on Rick, but he really knew it was coming.  Shane says he’s better than Rick, Rick says they can still work things out.  In an act of surrender, Rick goes to give Shane his gun, but stabs him before Shane can do anything.  Carl sees Rick kneeling over Shane, and draws his gun on Rick.  Rick is trying to calm Carl down, when Shane stands up, now a walker.  Carl shoots Shane in the head.  Oh, and there’s a heard of walkers walking through the woods.

Carl shooting Shane here makes Dale’s death even more meaningless.  Coming so close together, this could have been the moment that Carl matured.  Shane could’ve killed Dale, Rick suspect it so he takes out Shane before Shane gets a chance, Carl comes up and shoots zombie Shane.  And poof, Dale’s death would have been a part of something.  I kept expecting Daryl and Glenn to come rescue Rick from Shane, since they realized that Shane likely killed Randall, but that never happened.  So, not showing that Shane killed Randall when it happened was kind of meaningless.  Like entirely meaningless.  Especially since you showed us Shane taking him and doing something to him.  Had we not known that Shane took Randall, then yes, Dayrl and Glenn discovering foul play would have been a major revelation.  But instead, we knew the entire time Shane’s story was all a set up.

But anyways, Shane is finally dead, twice.  Him becoming a zombie has me trying to remember if there were any other instance where someone died without being bitten, and didn’t become a zombie.  The only time I’m recalling is earlier in this episode.  But that is probably because the brain stem was broken when Shane snapped Randall’s neck.  Can you think of anytime else?  Although, now that I think about it, this could be what they were foreshadowing when Rick and Shane came across those two guards that were zombies, but hadn’t been bitten and they assumed that scratches were involved.

And it looks like shit will hit the fan next week, since the story needs to move beyond the farm.  A herd of walkers just happens to be moving through the forest, undoubtedly on their way to the farm.  But whatever.  It’s too late to develop a reason for the herd to be drawn to the farm.  And don’t tell me that they’ve been setting this up by having the weather get colder, so the muddy areas will freeze up, allowing walkers to pass.  That’s bullshit.  If they’d been setting that up, there would have been more walkers getting stuck in the mud.  They haven’t had one before Carl’s zombie since the end of the first part of the season.  But I guess, realistically, they don’t need a reason to start heading to the farm now.

Full episode rundown is below the break.

Shane, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl check the fence, and take care of some walkers that they find.

The group holds a funeral for Dale.  Rick says they are going to honor Dale by doing things his way.

Hershel agrees to let the group move into the house for safety.  Rick is going to take Daryl and drop Randal off somewhere.

Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on Shane while he’s gone.

Carl gives Shane the gun that he took from Dayrl’s motorcycle.  He also tells him that he saw the walker that killed Dale.  Shane tells Carl that Dale’s death wasn’t his fault, and tries to give him back Daryl’s gun, but Carl won’t take it.

Hershel gives Lori, Rick, and Carl his bedroom.

Lori apologizes to Shane for making a mess of things and pitting him against Rick, and admits that she doesn’t know who the father of the baby is.

Rick and Dayrl discuss their plan for Randall.  Shane drives up, and tells Rick what Carl told him.  Rick is going to have Lori talk to Carl about it, but Shane suggests that Rick talk to him.  Shane tells him that freeing Randall is more important to him than Carl.

Andrea and Glenn try to get the RV running.  Glenn is ashamed that he didn’t have Dale’s back at the meeting.

Rick finds Carl on lookout.  Rick gives Carl the gun back, and tells him that Dale’s death had nothing to do with him.  Rick tells him that people die, there’s no avoiding it.  Carl takes the gun back.

Shane goes into the barn with Randall, and debates killing him.  He sees that Randall’s wrists are cut up from where he’s been trying to escape.

T-Dog goes to get Randall for Rick, but finds that he’s gone.

Shane is dragging Randall through the woods.  Randall tells Shane where his group is.  Shane wants Randall to take him to his group, because he’s done with this group.  They’re walking along, then Shane does something to him, then runs himself headfirst into a tree.

The group is trying to figure out how Randall gout away.  Shane hides something and then goes to the group.  Shane tells everyone that Randall blindsided him and took his gun.  T-Dog gives Shane his gun.

Rick asks Daryl if he can track Randall, and Daryl says there’s nothing to track.  He also questions how such a small guy could get the jump on Shane.  Glenn and Daryl go one way to look for Randall, while Shane and Rick go another.

Daryl is able to start tracking the footprints of Randall, and come across his blindfold.  They come across a walker, and Glenn kills it.

Daryl finds Randall, but his neck is broken.  He hasn’t been bitten, so the broken neck is what killed him.  Glenn questions how that’s possible.

Rick starts questioning Shane on how Randall escaped from a locked barn.  Rick stops and asks Shane if this is where he plans to do it, and Shane says it’s as good as any.  Shane goes on a tirade about he’s better than Rick, but Rick tells him that he wants to walk back to the farm.  Rick tries to hand Shane his gun, but it’s a trick as he stabs him in the gut.  Rick tells Shane it’s his own fault.

Carl finds Rick knelling over Shane.  He points a gun at Rick.  Behind Rick, Shane stands up, now a walker.  Carl shoots him in the head.

A herd of walkers is shown going through the woods.



  1. The walker Glenn and Daryl kill was Randall. That and Shane becoming a zombie after being stabbed supposedly is a plot point from the CDC finale where Jenner whispered something to Rick. I’ve heard it all gets explained in like the cold opening of the this season’s finale.

    Also, I complete agree with your assessment of the Dale death which is part of why this episode was so awful to me. Absolutely hated it.


  2. I always assumed that what Jenner whispered to Rick was that Lori was pregnant. If Jenner told Rick that people who simply died become zombies, then why not tell it to the rest of the group? And why would Rick keep this knowledge from everyone? And when they found the two guards, say that maybe it was scratches? I think really, they had Jenner whisper something because they thought it’d be neat, but never actually had a plan for what he actually whispered.


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