Things are about to get X-treme

Are you sad that the ending of Generation Hope with issue #17 would cause there to be one less X-book to buy per month?  Are you worried that even though most of the X-books are double shipping each month, there wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your hunger?  Even with an extra 3 issues each month from April to September thanks to Avengers vs. X-Men?  Well fear not.  Marvel has released the following teaser today.

Yeah, there really isn’t much to it.  The article on Comic Book Resources says that Marvel will have more information about the title this Saturday at Wonder-con.  I must say, Marvel seems to be getting lazy with their teasers.  This one was released earlier this week.

At least this teaser has a logo.  But anyways, two titles are set to debut right in the middle of Avengers vs. X-Men.  Fun times.


  1. I feel like you’re taunting me. You’re taunting me, aren’t you?

    Without any sort of information to explain it, I can only assume we’re getting our fifth monthly X-Men team book (not counting Astonishing, New Mutants, X-Force or X-Factor) behind X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy and Wolverine & the X-Men. And good lord, what the hell is the point? They’re already double-booking a lot of their characters to get the casts filled on the titles they have – who are they going to use? Do we really need a third book to see Storm and Psylocke in?

    Not to mention they’re bringing back quite possibly the worst book title they’ve had (with strong competition from “Gambit and the X-Ternals”). Perhaps they’re giving the “Give Claremont a book” experiment another try, in which case I hope it’s set in the X-Men Forever universe so I’m not tempted by the completist in me.

    I also don’t like that it’s launching in the MIDDLE of a major event. It’s like they have two things scribbled on a dry erase board: a date circled (in this case ‘July 2012’) and a bunch of random things they think fans will buy.

    Unfortunately they misspelled ‘Avengers’ on that second one. Seriously, how many times will Captain Marvel fail before it dons on Marvel that they just cannot sell him as a character?


  2. Oh, and Generation Hope was a $3 book. I wonder how much a brand new X-Men book launched in the crossover hype is going to cost.

    And I swear if it gets launched as “A Great Jumping on Point!” I’m going to scream. The whole revamped line is two stories old.


  3. Marvel doesn’t understand that there are some characters that people just don’t want to read about, regardless of who’s writing it. Look at how many time Moon Knight and Ghost Rider have been relaunched. I’m pretty sure we’re due for another Blade series.


  4. Remember M-Day and the following Decimation? When Marvel were going to cut back on the stupid amounts of mutants but instead just got rid of a few nobodies so that stupid drunk reporter woman could get a mini and only temporarily depowered a few second stringers that had no presence anyway?

    Yet here we are with two giant factions of X-Men on both sides of the US while they bring in previously unrelated characters, like Cloak, Dagger and Namor, while resurrecting every mutant team that ever existed. Xtreme X-Men? i was worried for a minute that I wouldn’t have the uninteresting and vaguely defined character Sage shoved down my throat again.


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