Ms. Marvel gets promoted (or Potential costume outrage)

While I eagerly awaited news on the upcoming X-Treme X-Men teaser (which I’ll touch on tomorrow when I have more time), Marvel’s Talk to the Hat panel at WonderCon brought more info to the teaser of Captain Marvel.  My fear that a retread of the failed attempt(s) to reboot the long-dead Captain were unfounded, as instead they revealed that Carol Danvers, the longtime Ms. Marvel would finally be getting the title of Captain Marvel, complete with a new look.

The astute reader will immediately see the problem with this image.

Ms. Marvel, amongst low B-league Marvel characters, has actually kept one of the more well-known, albeit ridiculous costume designs from the 70’s.

I’m quite familiar with Ms. Danvers here, as she’s kept this look for quite some time.  And honestly, I had no idea who the new Captain Marvel was when I saw the initial drawing.  They’ve removed three parts from Carol’s look that are most identifiable: the mask, the long hair, and the lack of pants.

I have a feeling the outrage over this redesign will mirror the covering of Power Girl’s cleavage, and I have to say that while ‘outrage’ is not the word, I’m certainly disappointed with this redesign.  For one, the thought of launching a new Carol Danvers series is not exactly a good idea, being that the last one only lasted a couple of years despite being actually very good.  But to try again without having the character being easily identifiable?  That seems like a recipe for disaster.

The short hair gives her an early 90’s Sue Storm mullet feel, the lack of a domino mask is probably something only I care about, and the addition of pants is something that’s just asking for fan hatred.  After all, that means we won’t be getting anymore Frank Cho-style butt shots.

I suppose we’ll see how it turns out.



  1. Don’t forget the lightning bolt thingy. But at least she maintained the red sash thing. I normally don’t care about costume changes, but was a bait and switch really necessary?


    • I always disliked the lightning bolt thingy. I first saw the costume on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #247 (Rogue was wearing it – long story) and I thought it was Storm. But remarkably, it’s a costume that aged amazingly well. So well that it deserved two adverbs in a single sentence!

      Being that they’ve tried to redo Carol Danvers numerous times (see Warbird, Binary) and always come back to this one, I have a feeling that she will eventually be back to Ms. Marvel (or at least the signature look) as soon as it dawns on Marvel that no one knows who she is.


  2. This is awful looking and incredibly dated. It’s like they thought it had too much of a ’70s look and decided to update it but only updated it by about 10 years. This is hideous. leave the pants, remove the sash altogether, add back the hair and mask and I think It would be ok…and at least slightly recognizable but as is I never in a million years would have guessed it was her.


  3. I don’t know why but It reminds me of the stupid pink-haired Dazzler from the atrocious 2005 Excalibur, probably because its trying to be edgy and different while at the same time not being very dynamic (while dated at least the original “Disco Dazzler” costume wasn’t as generic as everything she’s worn since).


    • I agree on both counts. I thought the original Dazzler costume was the best one she’s had (far better than her current star-bush one). And the short dyed hair in New Excalibur was certainly awful.


  4. (Sorry should have said this before)

    The problem for me is Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel has become her own character,(as you pointed out) why are Marvel comics so obsessed with resurrecting the name of a not very popular hero that will always be associated with a character from another company? I appreciate that it bugs Marvel that DC has the rights to the preeminent Marvel named character but they must realise that Mar-Vel is probably just above Adam Warlock in the “I don’t really care who that is” stakes.


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