The Walking Recap – 3/18/12 – “Beside the Dying Fire”

We last left our hardy band of survivors with…well, let’s face it.  Things are not looking good.  There’s more death, and a gaggle of walkers were making their way to the farm.  And with this being the season finale, we’re certain that things are going to go to hell tonight.  So, read on, if you dare.  And oh yeah.  There are spoilers past this point.  You’ve been warned.

As you recall from last week, Rick killed Shane, and then Carl had to re-kill Shane.  But there’s no time for that right now, because there’s a freaking flock of walkers headed to the farm.  Apparently, a group of walkers were in the city, heard a helicopter pass, and just decided to follow the sound of it.  Then the most recent gunshot drew them to the farm.  So, the walkers make it to the farm.  You can read exactly what happened bellow in my detailed recap, but here’s what you need to know.  Jimmy died after driving the RV up to the barn to save Rick and Carl.  Patricia died while trying to escape with Lori, Carol, and Beth.  The group defended the farm as best as they could, but ultimately things went to hell, and they got separated.  Maggie and Glenn were in one car.  Daryl and Carol were on his motorcycle.  T-Dog, Lori, and Beth were in one truck.  Rick, Carl, and Hershel were in the other truck.  Lastly, Andrea was left on her own, running away from walkers.  But, only the Andrea part is important.  Everyone else gets back together on the highway, after briefly considering going their own way.

In the end, Rick goes off on everyone.  His leadership gets questioned when he reveals that Jenner told him in the CDC that they were all infected.  People start thinking that maybe they’d be better off on their own, and he goes off.  He tells them that everything he’s done is to protect them, even killing his best friend.  He invites anyone to leave, but if they stay, it is going to be a dictatorship from now one.  Oh yeah, someone which a sword and two walkers on chains saved Andrea in the woods.

I would just like to say that this would have been a perfect time to kill Dale.  He could have sacrificed himself to save Andrea.  A noble ending for a beloved character.  Okay, now I’ll drop it.  Overall, this was a nice way to end the season.  There are those that have complained because there hasn’t been enough action this season.  I’m not one of those people.  Yes, I agree that the first part of the season, did go slowly.  But it was all character development.  Character development is not a bad thing.  There just has to be a balance.  If you have a lot of episodes where the group kills a lot of zombies, then the threat needs to be ramped up with each successive attack.  You can’t have the group successfully defend themselves from an attack from say 40 walkers, and then be threatened more by only 20.  So, you have to use the attacks sparingly so that each one has meaning.

But let’s talk about the ending.  First, having Jenner tell Rick that they were all infected was kind of a letdown.  You’re explaining why people come back as walkers, when you don’t really need to explain it.  I don’t know if this was the plan from the start when they had the group go to the CDC, but it was kind of pointless.  Why wouldn’t Jenner have just told everyone when he was trying to convince that they’d be better off dead?  “Hey, you’re going to become a zombie however you die” seems like a good selling point to allowing yourself to be incinerated.  Secondly, it’s nice to see Rick really take charge.  I liked that he went off on everyone.  Him being the “leader” of the group had never really been established, other than everyone just considering him to be the leader.  So, this was a good moment for Rick to assert himself as the unquestioned leader of the group.  And hopefully, they never have someone, like Daryl, challenge him on it.

A group of zombies in Atlanta are alerted to the sound of a helicopter, and start walking towards it.  As they go, the group grows.  In the woods, they are attracted to the sound of gunfire, and head towards the farm.

Daryl and Glenn return the farm and tell everyone what they found out about Randall.

Carl is asking about what happened to Shane, but there are too many walkers for them to continue talking.  Carl and Rick take refuge in the barn.

Hershel prepares to defend his farm, by arming everyone.

Rick and Carl let some walkers into the barn in order to set them on fire.  The others drive down to the barn to start shooting them.

Lori is going hysterical looking for Carl.

Jimmy drives around in the RV to rescue Carl and Rick.  And while they are able to escape, Jimmy is eaten.

Despite a high accuracy rate, the shooters are unable to really put a dent into the herd of walkers.

Trying to escape the house, Patircia is eaten.

Andrea saves Carol’s life.

Maggie and Glenn are having trouble getting around the walkers, and consider leaving the farm.

Rick saves Hershel from a walker.  He tells Hershel that they have to go.  This isn’t his farm anymore.

Andrea gets left, and has to run away.

Daryl rides up on his motorcycle and saves Carol.

Maggie and Glenn are driving away, but Maggie is having trouble keeping it together, not knowing who survived.

Rick, Carl, and Hershel arrive back at the highway.  Carl is unhappy with Rick that Lori isn’t here.  Hershel tells Rick to take Carl and go somewhere safe.  Rick insists that they wait for everyone and stick together.

Lori, T-Dog, and Beth are driving along.  Lori wants to head back to the highway, but T-Dog doesn’t want to.  He eventually concedes when Lori tries to jump out of the truck.

Hershel insists that they shouldn’t stay here, and Rick is about to agree, when everyone else arrive.  The separate groups catch up with who didn’t survive.  They debate looking for Andrea, and where they should head next.

Andrea is running through the woods being chased by walkers.

The group is running low on gas, so Rick has the group set up a camp, and will look for gas in the morning.  Daryl tells everyone that Shane killed Randall.  Rick tells everyone that Jenner said they’re all already infected with whatever is going on.

Privately, Rick tells Lori that he killed Shane, and tells her about Shane’s plan.  Rick says he knew what Shane was doing, but he let it go because he wanted it to be over.  Shane’s turning is how Rick knew Jenner was right.  He also tells her that Carl is the one that finished Shane.  Lori does not take it well.

Andrea is about to finally be caught, when someone with a sword saves her.

Carol tells Daryl that Rick isn’t good for them, but Daryl disagrees.  Maggie says they should take off, but Hershel says they wouldn’t survive.  Carol tells Rick that he needs to actually do something.  Rick goes off on the group saying that all he does is for the group, and he had to kill his best friend for them.  Rick tells them that if they think they can do better, they are welcome to leave.  But if they’re staying, it’s not longer a democracy.

The final scene pans to show a prison.


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  1. Your article was so good. Everything you needed to know about what happened was right there in the written word. I salute you. The Zombir Survival Crew – Team Yellow, member of The Deadnecks.


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