DC Nation – 3/17/12

Welcome to this week’s edition of DC Nation Cartoon Network.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Razer’s Edge,” and gives us some info on the Red Lantern Razer, while Hal Jordan and Kilowog investigate a prison.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Image,” and explores the character of Miss Martian, while Robin leads the team to stop an international situation.  The three shorts include NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne and Batmobiles, Batgirl and Supergirl trying to create mischief with Wonder Girl, and lunch with Shazam.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Razer’s Edge”
Kilowog and Hal Jordan essentially play good cop/bad cop with the former Red Lantern Razer, but he doesn’t give up any more information. Kilowog and Hal check in with the Guardians about what to do with Razer.  They take him to a prison on a nearby planet run by the Myglom of the Spider Guild.  After Hal and Kilowog leave, Myglom starts their “rehabilitation” on Razer.  In space, Hal and Kilowog find that they picked up a hitchhiker  named Appa from the prison.  The escaped convict pleads for them not to send him back to be tortured.  The Green Lanterns decide that since they have to take the escapee back anyways, they might as well investigate.  Despite Kilowog’s objections, they sneak into the prison.  While undergoing the torture, Razer remembers him leaving Alana to join a militia to fight the warlords.  He later returns to her, only to find that she’s dead.  This is when Razer was recruited into the Red Lantern Corps.  Hal and Kilowog are discovered by the spiders, but are unable to use their rings.  Myglom tells the Lanterns that they can’t escape, and their rings won’t work because of a yellow mineral in the walls.  Myglom tells them that they don’t torture traditionally, they just make the person relive their worst moments over and over.  (Something more may have happened here.  My recording froze for a moment.)  Appa tries to get the computer to leave before they are found, but she insists they must help Hal and Kilowog.  Aya (computer) goes into Myglom’s device and tries to get Razer to help her save Hal and Kilowog.  Razer said he shouldn’t be rescued because he killed people.  Aya corrects him, and says she doesn’t care what he wants, he will help.  Razer is unhappy with her, and runs towards the ships.  Razer retrieved his Red Lantern ring, and rescues Hal and Kilowog.  Hal stops Myglom from leaving.  After the fighting is over, Razer willfully gives up the red ring.  Hal leaves Appa in charge of the prison until the Guardians send a replacement warden.  They take Razer with them.

Young Justice – “Image”
Batman shows Green Arrow and Black Canary video of her fighting Superboy, and then they kiss.  But really, Black Canary was really Miss Martian.  J’onn tells them that this is a common thing on Mars, but Black Canary is still not happy.  She confronts Miss Martian about about it, and tells her not to do it again.  Batman gathers the team together and tells them that President Harjavti of Qurac, a good man, has suddenly joined with Queen Bee of Bialya, and that she will take over both nations.  Batman wants Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian to find out what is going on.  They find the Bialyan army crreating a stampede, which threatens some civilians, so they stop the army secretly.  But Marie Logan, the person they helped, says that it may have done more harm than good.  The next day, Miss Martian hangs around Marie because she was in a show that she loves called “Hello Megan.”  A drone airstrike is launched against them.  Marie’s son Garfield is injured in the attack.  Superboy and Miss Martian destroy the rest of the drones.  Marie says Garfield needs a blood transfusion, but no one matches.  Miss Martian says that she might be able to use her morphing ability to change her blood type.  Trying to turn on the TV to see the news, the boys accidentally start the episode of “Hello Megan,” and see that Miss Martian’s human persona is the Megan from the show.  Kid Flash stops the show before Miss Martian caught them.  On the news, they see who is controlling Harvjati.  They try to rescue the President, but are discovered.  Miss Martian leaves them to go find the Psimon, but she is ambushed by him.  Psimon makes her realize her worst fear, and makes her transform into her true form of a White Martian.  The guys rescue the President, and rush off to help Miss Martian.  However, she mind zaps them to hide her true form from them.  Psimon digs deeper into Miss Martian’s mind to find what she’s really afraid of, and it’s her teammates and J’onn J’onnz rejecting her when they see what she truly is.  She is eventually able to defeat Psimon in her mind, and wakes up her teammates.  President Harvjati tells Queen Bee that she is not welcome in Qurac, but Queen Bee was really Miss Martian.  Kid Flash questions how Bruce Wayne got to Qurac so quickly, but Robin punches him.  Kid Flash asks about the “Hello Megan” stuff, and Miss Martian says that the show is how she learned about Earth, so that’s the identity she took.  Robin asks what she really looks like, and Megan shows them that she just looks like Martian Manhunter.  Miss Martian goes to check on Garfield but discovers Queen Bee in the room with him.  Queen Bee tells Miss Martian that if she doesn’t cooperate, she’ll tell everyone exactly who she is.

Short Segments

  • Trevor Bayne, NASCAR driver, checks out the Batmobiles used in the movies.
  • Supergirl and Batgirl beg Wonder Girl to steal Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, but she resists.  Supergirl wants it to toilet paper Lex Luthor’s secret lair.  They eventually get her to cave in by telling her they could also help some orphans with a jet full of burritos.
  • There was a Mad cartoon where Billy Batson turns into Shazam, and tries to convince a fellow kid at lunch that he needs a S.H.A.Z.A.M.W.I.C.H.  The flavor of Sausage, the texture of Ham, the nutrients of Apples, the chalkiness of Zinc, the Apples I mentioned earlier, the calcium of Milk, the heartiness of Meatloaf, the color of White bread, the stickiness of Ice pops, the festiveness of cake, and the convenience of a Hot pocket.  Yes, there are two M’s in there because he got lost midway through.

Maybe it’s just me, but something about Kilowog’s personality is rubbing me the wrong way.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I think I I just expect Kilowog to be a bit harder, rougher around the edges.  Not wise-cracking, and backing away from the possibility of a fight.  Maybe it’s just me thought.  We’ll see how the next few episodes play out.  Otherwise, I don’t really have any major complaints.  I do think it’s a bad idea to already show a Red Lantern redeeming himself already.  To me, it just weakens your main villain group if you immediately show that maybe they aren’t all that bad after all.

I really liked this episode of Young Justice.  I don’t have much experience in reading stories with Miss Martian, so it’s nice to exposed to the deeper facets of her character.  I am interested in where this insecurity about who she is goes from here.  She attacked her teammates so that they wouldn’t discover her true form.  There are bound to be consequences to this action.  How far she’ll go is the only real question.

The shorts were fun.  I did have to watch the Shazam one several times in order to transcribe what each letter meant.  My only real complaint is that there aren’t more of them.  They are fun counterpoints to the serious tone of the shows.


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