DC Nation – 3/24/12

Welcome back for this week’s edition of DC Nation on Cartoon Network.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Into the Abyss,” and is about a captain who has to be rescued after piloting his ship to close to a black hole.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Agendas,” and includes Superboy returning to Cadmus, where he’ll learn more about himself and the experiments done there.  There were only two “Shorts” today.  One was done by Aardman (Wallace & Gromit) that features various characters, and the other short features Plastic Man

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Into the Abyss”
Kilowog and Razer continue to not get along.  Hal comes in and wants them to shake hands, but they are interrupted by a distress call.  They race off to save a ship from a black hole.  Aya (computer) questions why they’re risking 3 lives to save one when they have to leave their ship to attach tow cables.  However, the gravitational pull is too much for the tow cables, so they enter the ship to rescue the captain.  They find that the captain was transporting a batch of Spagnarian eggs, which are very rare.  Hal decides they need to rescue every lifeform there.  Razer and Kilowog look for the ship’s damaged engine, but they end up fighting when Kilowog thinks Razer attacked him.  Hal eventually separates them.  In the Green Lantern’s ship, the captain panics when the pull becomes stronger and Aya is not responding.  He tries to pull his ship out, but the tow cables do not hold up.  Hal keeps them from being immediately crushed, and Kilowog leaves the ship to try to keep it from going into the black hole himself.  Hal and Razer find that the eggs are already hatching, and they’re eating through the power cables.  The captain tells Kilowog that their nav computer must be damaged, but he’ll try to help him.  Razer and Hal make it to the damaged engine, but find that it’s frozen because the hatchlings ate through the lines to heat it.  Somehow, Hal realizes that Aya has put herself into the robotic beings, and has been cutting power to non-essential systems.  He lets the Aya bots into the engine room and they fix things.  Hal decides to try to use the current of the pin hole (black hole) to create enough velocity and slingshot them out.  It works, and returns the ship and the actual hatchlings to the captain.  Hal thanks Aya for saving them, but warns her about leaving her post.  She says that it’s the duty of a Green Lantern to risk their life to save others.  Kilowog tells her she’s the nav computer, and she can’t be a Green Lantern because she wasn’t chosen and doesn’t have a body.  Aya creates a body for herself.

Young Justice – “Agendas”
November 25.  The Justice League meets to vote on adding new members.  They debate on adding Icon and Rocket, the Atom, Guy Gardner (Hal and John Stewart immediately say no), Blue Devil, Red Arrow, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel (even though he’s sitting right there, now that they know he’s really 10 years old), and the members of Young Justice.  In Young Justice headquarters, Miss Martian and Zatanna are fixing Thanksgiving dinner for the group.  Superboy is sitting around, when contacted by Lex Luthor on a super high frequency.  Lex Luthor tells Superboy that Cadmus has created another super clone.  Superboy goes in and demands to see it but The Guardian and Double X tell him that all cloning projects were shut down since his escape.  Guardian shows him around the Cadmus, while Double X communicates with Superboy through telepathy.  Walking on his own, Superboy finds a hidden containment area that has another Superboy clone.  He frees this clone, but it attacks him.  Superboy is astonished to learn that this clone can fly.  The other clone knocks out Superboy.  Upset that his “S” shield was torn off, he burns the symbol into his chest with his heat vision.  Superboy awakes to find himself in a pod, and breaks out.  The Cadmus scientists tell him they put him in there to heal him.  Lex Luthor contacts him again, and Superboy wants to know what Luthor knows.  Luthor tells Superboy that he’s part human, whereas the other clone is full Kryptonian.  Luthor gives him a device that will repress his human DNA.  Double X tells Superboy that Match (the other clone) was Cadmus’ first attempt at cloning, but they couldn’t control him.  That project was controlled by Desmond (guy who made Superboy) and Luthor.  Double X guides Superboy to Geomorph City.  Double X tells him that he is responsible for the missing Geomorphs.  He also shows that he captured Match to hold him to keep the Geomorphs safe.  Match sees Superboy and breaks free.  Getting beaten, Superboy uses one of the devices Luthor game him.  This allows Superboy to win, but the Cadmus scientists discover Geomorph City.  Superboy confronts Luthor about putting a tracking device, and using him to find the missing Geomorphs.  Luthor reveals that he’s the human part of Superboy’s DNA.  Superboy grabs him, but Luthor says “red sun,” and this shuts Superboy down for a while.  Superboy wonders what else Luthor could make him do.

Short Segments
Superman, Joker, Batman, and Catwoman individually talk about menial things.
Platic Man is trying to put an overdue electric bill in the mailbox when he’s confronted by the Tuxedo, Lady Granite, and The Fowl.

I do like the development of putting Aya into a body.  Being that she is a sentient program, existing outside of the computer now allows for some interesting character development, and exploration about what makes something a person or an individual.  I still don’t think I like a Red Lantern being with them.  The antagonism they are doing between Razer and Kilowog could have easily been done with another Green Lantern instead of a Red Lantern.  Someone like Guy Gardner would have worked just as well.  Overall, this episode was enjoyable, and had a really funny joke at the beginning of it.  The screen cap above is from it.  Kilowog and Razer were arguing when Hal came in and quieted the two of them.  He told them to shake hands, because on Earth it’s a sign of good will ( or something like that).  They end up just shaking their fists at each other.  I watched it several times, because it’s such a simple joke, but was incredibly funny.

I like having the storyline of Luthor being half of Superboy’s DNA, and having trigger words built in that allow Luthor to control Superboy.  Of course, I also liked it when it was initially done during Geoff John’s Teen Titans run.  I’m interested to see how it plays out, especially when tied together with the ending of last week’s episode, where Miss Martian is being manipulated by Queen Bee.  Not sure what exactly the point of showing the Justice League voting on membership, other than to show several characters that people may not recognize, like the two Milestone characters (Icon & Rocket). Although, not revealing who the League voted in reminded me of a bit Peter David did in his Young Justice book.  The team was voting on who would be the new leader, but the issue ended in a cliffhanger.  The next issue didn’t mention the new leader at all.  It wasn’t until after the second issue came out that we knew who was elected the leader.  Oh, also, this episode did reveal that Robin’s parents were murdered, and that is why Batman took him.  That’s not the origin story of Tim Drake at all, but oh well.

Only two shorts this week.  I didn’t like the Aardman one.  It just wasn’t funny or entertaining.  The Plastic Man one was pretty good though.  He made himself something different to deal with each one of the villains, because he can do that, you know.  He’s not confined to merely stretching.


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