Question: What draws you to a new title?

A couple week’s ago, I did something I don’t normally do.  I picked up the first issue of an ongoing that was going to be a completely original series.  I hadn’t read any reviews for this issue to know if it’d be any good.  I looked at the premise, the writer, and decided to pick up the first issue of Saucer County.  I hadn’t picked up a title without any known characters, or hearing any good word of mouth, since I started getting Mice Templar.  But this wasn’t a random pick up.  I did get this issue knowing that I liked a lot of Paul Cornell’s previous work. I wanted something different, and an alien conspiracy book sounded fun.  With the combination of those factors in mind, I gave it a try.

So, I want to know what goes into your decision making process when deciding to pick up a new book.  Is it the characters involved?  Do you only pick up if a certain writer and/or artist is involved?  Does the premise have to hook you?  Does the cover image have to catch your eye?


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  1. Normally if a cover interests me I will pick it up for a quick flick through to get the gist. Of course there are some writers that I will buy simply because I like their previous work. Art wise Im more forgiving for a comic not being visually appealing, for example I loved Kelly’s Deadpool but am not a fan of McGuinness’s art, although on the reverse of picking up a new comic I did stop buying Avengers because JRjr’s artwork had devolved so badly I could only tell Rulk and Beast apart due to their colouring and anything Drawn by Steve “one scary face” Dillon is almost an instant dismissal.


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