DC Nation – 3/31/12

Welcome to today’s edition of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Heir Apparent.”  Hal and Kilowog track down another Green Lantern signal nearby, only to wind up in the middle of a planetary power struggle.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Insecurity.”  Artemis deals with family issues, and whether or not she is good enough to be on the team.  There were three shorts today:  an archer tests out Green Arrow’s gas arrow, Beast Boy decides if he wants to eat some cookies, and Superman of Tokyo saves his mom from a giant robot.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Heir Apparent”
Aya is getting used to being in her humanoid form, which is creeping Kilowog out.  They spot another Green Lantern ring signature, and track it down.  They arrive on the planet during the coronation of Princess Iolande.  They find the Green Lantern there, named Dulock, when he challenges Kothack for the hand of the queen.  When the challenge is about to begin, Dulock is nowhere to be found.  As Kothack is about to claim the queen’s hand, Hal’s accepts the challenge.  Kothak is unhappy that Hal challenged him.  Aya tracks down an energy signature.  Her and Razer go off to track him down.  Iolande helps Hal train for the challenge on a speeder bike type thing.  While flying around, Hal’s bike explodes, but he’s okay thanks to his ring.  Iolande suspects someone sabotaged his bike, and asks him to back out.  She is doubting if it’s even worth fighting.  Aya and Razer find Dulock, but his ring is missing.  They report back to Hal and Kilowog.  Hal has them keep searching while he challenges Kothack.  The challenge is like a jousting tournament, with hand to hand combat.  But as they’re fighting, Kilowog chokes and collapses.  Iolande picks up his drink and finds that it was poisoned.  Kilowog’s ring leaves him and gets on the hand of Ragnar.  He tells Kothack that he is now the most powerful being on the planet, and shall now be king.  He killed Kilowog to get his ring after Dulock’s ring did not come to him.  He tries to attack Hal with the ring, but it vanishes.  Turns out that Kilowog was faking, and the ring Ragnar took was a construct.  Ragnar takes Iolande hostage.  Hal and Kilowog fight off the guards that Ragnar paid off, and eventually catch Ragnar.  He threatens to kill Iolande, but Hall tells her to put the ring on now.  Dulock’s ring comes out of her locket, and she fights off Ragnar.  Kothack knells before Iolande.  Afterwards, Hal tells Iolande how he knew about Ragnar and how he knew she had Dulock’s ring.  He asks her to come with them, but she can’t because of her duty to her people.  She kisses Hal good-bye.

Young Justice – “Insecurity”
December 4.  A “Spider-man” like villain tries to kill a reporter named Mr. Jones, but is stopped by Green Arrow and Artemis.  The Arrows capture the villain.  Sportsmaster is breaking into Belle Reave prison, and thanks Strange for helping him.  He got in to break out Professor Ivo.  Green Arrow drops Artemis off at home, and Red Arrow is behind him.  They take care of a robbery, and Green Arrow tells Red Arrow that he made the cut and will be in the Justice League within a year.  Artemis misunderstands something her mom says, and is feeling doubtful about her place on the team.  Sportsmaster takes Ivo to Klarion, the witch boy.  Artemis arrives at Young Justice headquarters to find that Green Arrow has put Red Arrow on the team.  Artemis doesn’t like this, feeling that they are looking down on her archery skills.  Green Arrow gives them their mission.  Red Arrow, Aqualad and Kid Flash are to track down Sportsmaster.  Artemis says that she wants in.  She has more experience guiding the ship than anyone else.  Kid Flash tells Artemis that she has nothing left to prove to anyone.  Down below, Red Arrow tells Aqualad that he’s on the team because they suspect Artemis is a mole.  Out of boredom, Miss Martian, Zatanna, and Superboy decide to see what Red Tornado does in his apartment.  Red Arrow and Aqualad are tracking Sportsmaster by water, while Artemis is following from the sky.  Red Arrow tells everyone to hold their position while he takes a closer look.  Artemis doesn’t listen, and leaves the ship.  She is found by Cheshire, her sister.  They fight a little, but Red Arrow traps her momentarily with a web arrow.  Cheshire pins down Red Arrow and kisses him.  Red Arrow tells Artemis to put a tracking arrow on Sportsmaster, but she doesn’t have a shot.  Red Arrow makes the shot, and takes off after Sportsmaster.  But Sportsmaster and Cheshire get away.  The team regroups, and Red Arrow gets on Artemis for leaving her post.  She says that she spotted Cheshire sneaking up on him.  She throws the tracking device to him, since she doesn’t think they trust her.  They split back up, and Artemis pulls out another tracking device.  At headquarters, Zatanna, Miss Martian, and Superboy get into Red Tornado’s apartment.  They find that Red Tornado is building a human body so that he can have an alter ego, and walk around humans.  Sportsmaster takes the attache he had, and takes it to Klairion, Ivo, and Brain.  Artemis tracks down Cheshire, but is told by Cheshire that she knew she was coming.  And Artemis has a matching tracker on her.  Red Arrow shows up, and they fight Cheshire and Sportsmaster.  Kid Flash tells Artemis that Cheshire ditched her tracer.  Artemis jumps into the room with Klarion, Brain, and Ivo, but Klarion does something to make them disappear.  Back at headquarters, it’s discovered that Artemis is the one that ditched a tracer, leading everyone else following the train.  Kid Flash is upset with Artemis because she was acting insecure and selfish.  Back at her home, Artemis is surprised by Sportsmaster, her dad.  He asks her to switch sides.

Short Segments

  • An archer tries out a real version of Green Arrow’s knockout arrow.
  • Beast Boy is debating eating cookies he’s not supposed to.  Robin appears on one shoulder and tells him to not eat the cookies.  Cyborg is on the other one and tells him not to.  Starfire appears with Robin, but just wonders why they’re on Beast Boy’s shoulder and then enters his ear.  Raven appears with Cyborg and takes his side.  Beast Boy appears with Robin, and wonders why everyone is on his shoulders.  Small Beast Boy then smells the cookies and takes a bite.  Then big Beast Boy starts eating the cookies.
  • Superman of Tokyo.  Baby Kenta is transformed into Superman by his babysitter, and he saves his mom from a giant robot.  His babysitter tells him to quit playing with his mom.  She is determined to find out who Superman is.

I liked in this week’s episode of Green Lantern that they showed Hal and Kilowog  using their brains to solve a problem, and not just their rings. I also like what they’re doing with Aya for a couple reasons.  One, it gives the show that “rookie” type character that they can grow as the show progresses.  Also, Aya being able to move around gives Razer someone to team up with while Hal and Kilowog do their thing.  My one gripe about the show is a small one.  It seemed like Kothak submitted to Queen Iolande pretty quickly.  Sure, she’s a Green Lantern now, but it still seemed kind of quick to me.

It’s beginning to seem like everyone in Young Justice has issues.  They could probably substitute as the characters on Lost.  Not that I’m complaining.  It adds intrigue to the group.  As a viewer, you’re left wondering how they are going to overcome their past, and even if maybe one of them is not going to be able to overcome.  It seems like the Justice League knows that someone is a mole, so the question is who is it.  I should be catching up on the first part of the show soon.  So maybe that will also give me some more insight as to who it might be.

I liked the Shorts this week.  The arrow thing is a bit silly, but still somewhat neat.  I can’t get enough Teen Titans shorts.  I loved how they did the “angel and devil” on Beast Boy’s shoulders, with the kicker of Beast Boy showing up on his own shoulder.  The Superman of Tokyo was cute again.  I look forward to the next installment.

See you next week.



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