And this is how my X-Men-based mind works

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Marvel’s Facebook game Avengers Alliance.  All of us here at Comicdom Wrecks! have been playing it.  And we’re not ones to get caught up in crappy Facebook games.

But as much as I have enjoyed it, I am an X-Men fan first and foremost, and thus I cannot allow something like this to be ignored.

This is Storm’s secondary costume, the classic Dave Cockrum design from Giant Size X-Men #1.  She wore it for quite some time (through the entire Byrne-era) until eventually ditching it for a leathered-out, mohawk thing.  She was going through a phase.

Have you noticed what’s wrong with the image above?

In that image, Storm is wearing a cape.  Sure, the cape is attached to her wrist accessories, but it’s still is a cape.  Storm doesn’t wear a cape – she never has.  Superman wears a cape.  Thor wears a cape.  Batman wears a cape.  Storm does not wear a cape.  Don’t believe me?

In actual dialogue, Storm refers to her costume attachment as a cloak.  Any way you put it, it’s not a solid cape, but rather two separate pieces coming down from her shoulders.  The separation is more evident when she’s in flight.

I’m just saying.


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